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[Meditation Society of America] Re: Puff and ganga (existing as a person)

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  • dragonpuffs7777
    Of course, you re perfect in every way and I adore you. Why would I ever want to delete you? ... a ... you ... with the ... them..... ... to ... or ...
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 31, 2003
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      Of course, you're perfect in every way and I adore you. Why would I
      ever want to delete you?

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      > >
      > > Hey, I read all of that...whew! Now, we know. The world is
      > ganga's. If she rebukes any statement, it is not a defense, it is
      > fact. If you make any negative statement to ganga, it is a
      > reflection of whatever wrong thinking you may have. If ganga
      > makes any comment about what you say, she is right and you
      > are deluded no matter what it's about unless it's a compliment
      > and then it's completely true. Now, do we all have that straight?
      > Good. Hail ganga!
      > G: that's not what is said nor implied... but read into it what
      > want..... the story is your creation... .... its your universe
      with the
      > characters revolving around your cognition of "I" versus
      > thankyou for affording ganga such an exalted position within
      > your world.... be sure to put on all your armor before going off
      > battle with the nemises of your own making.... what a fantasy
      > you are creating very inventive ....
      > you know how to get rid of her? it's called a delete button....
      > simply let it go ..... want a teaching then here it is....
      > simplistic.... it's called no mind .... how serious you take
      it all to
      > be...... this seriousness is your downfall.... it catches your
      > in the circle of watch ganga.... hahahahahahah
      > here puff is no more than a laugh that passes .... the dragon
      > that huffs and puffs behind a pseudo - name... a fairy tale
      > parades as having reality .... guess what ? it is only as real
      > your mind accepts it to be.... beyond mind there is no
      > within mind you can ride as many rides and fight as many
      > gangas as you wish to find.....
      > so enjoy whichever one you prefer..... i prefer laughter
      > it remains when the ignorance is not taken as a valid
      > happening...... it is known for what it is .... empty in
      nature ....
      > fires no match for water.....
      > shanti om ...g....
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