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Re: Ego?

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  • freyjartist@aol.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 27, 2003
      <<devi: thanks, i'M really glad i have your approval..life isn't really
      like what? i keep myself pretty isolated, i've been a stay at home
      mom for almost 20 years, and where i live mostly the people are born-
      again christians,>>

      ....oh my! born again Christians? I remember taking a
      born again to see the movie "Dogma", talk about having
      a sick sense of humor. We had to walk out and she
      preached to me for an hour after that.

      << and those people i run away from...a moveable
      feast..haha, i guess your not a vegetarian when it comes to digesting
      people, (probably a bad joke, right)>>

      ....no, not bad ;-), but yeah, you're right in your observation,
      i am a pretty accepting person.

      <<no seriously, i almost get
      literally sick when i see dirty drunken people, >>

      ....well, you cant help it then.
      > >
      > > >
      > >
      > > >laksmi: Everything you react to--that is a good thing to
      > > > watch.
      > > devi: why is that in your opinion...usually i react so fast, and
      > > usually i think my reactions are are perfect,,,you know when i
      > react
      > > to someone or something negatively it's usually showing me what i
      > am
      > > not and i am thankful for that...
      > ..lakshmi: ..or could it be showing you something about yourself
      > that you dont want to see?
      devi: no, absolutly not, i don't buy into that at all....>>

      .....i would like to hear more about that. i think ive heard you
      say this before. The way i look at it is, that whatever is happening
      for that person and those in their circle, is exactly what needs to be
      so, to look at it as negative or positive is making a judgment.
      I dont mean that steps are not taken to re-direct something harmful or
      undesirable. Its just that, i dont hold any person 'responsible'.
      This does not mean i would never press charges or anything like that.


      ps, you too, good luck with the program


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