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  • texasbg2000
    Dear Bob and Group: I haven t read many messages yet but I appreciate it that a group like this exists. When I have life s problems impinge on my meditation
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 20, 2002
      Dear Bob and Group:

      I haven't read many messages yet but I appreciate it that a group
      like this exists.

      When I have life's problems impinge on my meditation too often I
      sometimes do something about it before I begin to meditate.

      I visualize meditation as a limb of a tree. The limb has leaves on
      it. One of the leaves has the words "unwillness to meditate" on it.
      I pluck this leaf and throw it to the ground with enough force to be
      convincing. The other leaves I visualize myself watering. I touch
      this image with my heart. This somehow overcomes my resistance.

      I have a whole tree with the various aspects of my life represented
      on it and I go to it when I need help.

      It works for me.

      Bobby G.

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      > I loved the Non-Dual Meditation by Master Aziz Kristof that
      > Sworkalpha shared.It will surely be of great benefit to many
      > particularly those who have a good deal of ability to concentrate in
      > a very focused, consistant fashion. It is a great blessing to be
      > to have access to such a refined and fine methodology, and that is
      > right in line with the function we hope this group will serve. But
      > am reminded of something that happened in our class Monday night.
      > of the ladies had tried the 108, An Easy, Hard Meditation Technique
      > that we had reviewed in the previous class. It can be found on our
      > site and is technique #108. To describe it briefly, all it involves
      > is inhaling, exhaling, and then counting 1. Then, inhale again,
      > exhale and count 2. Continue until you get to 108. It is a terrific
      > way to see those things that cause you to lose your focus, and is
      > also a good way to chart your progress. What she found was that she
      > always lost her concentration by the time she reached 17. This is a
      > common situation for beginners. For many people, at first, it is
      > to concentrate for more than a few moments. We dealt with this in
      > class with a discussion of the ways our senses, as well as our
      > thoughts and emotions, can distract us, and we will be working on
      > ways we can gain control over these things in our next class. What
      > pertinent about this is that we need to share on many levels, and
      > meet the needs of those who are just trying to deal with stress
      > better, as well as to those who just need a little pointer to
      > experience Realization of Cosmic Consciousness. So, if you have
      > a way that has helped you improve in your meditation, please don't
      > hesitate to share it here. It need not be as eloquently stated as
      > Master Aziz's technique that we were just graced with, and it need
      > not be aimed at ultimate Enlightenment. We need as much help, and
      > perhaps more, with the little things, and welcome whatever insights
      > you have to share. I personally look forward to all of our future
      > postings, and feel confident that they will be greatly beneficial
      > many.
      > Peace and blessings, Bob
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