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Re: Help Us End The Need For Meditation Classes

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  • hbuljan
    There is something about stress and the way I see it. Stress - disaster or a new beginning. It is nothing, nothing that hasn´been felt. Stress or overpressure
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 5, 2002
      There is something about stress and the way I see it.
      Stress - disaster or a new beginning. It is nothing, nothing that
      hasn´been felt. Stress or overpressure of our body and soul man had
      felt thousansdsyears before, on his own way. However, we feel that
      this overpressure has become more various and much stronger in our
      everyday´s life. Rythm of life, work pressure, race for money, …are
      destroying our peace and making our boby to suffer. There are so many
      examples of it and everyone could start counting his reasons for
      beeing tensed or disappointed. Also, you can´t avoid it just like
      that. Stress is a huge evil of modern days, it´s enough just to take
      a look at all those illnes and disoerders(high blood pressure, heart
      attack, cansers,…) that could came after it to see how serious is it.
      Reasons that are causing strees could be directly, lately and
      cronicly by its working.
      1. In direct working of stress, body activates itself in a way to
      face with danger. We don´t feel the pain so intesively and becoming
      to think and remember. Our lungs are trying to take more air, blood
      pressure and heart beating is becoming higher, blood delivers more
      oxygen to our muscles, digestion isn´t working and so on.
      2. Late working of stress causes disorders on our brain,
      immunofissionscy system,…Few minutes after stress our organism is
      trying to recover and calm itself, and brain is trying to rework it.
      3. Cronicle working of stress is making disorders on all of those
      mentioned organs, and if stress is beeing repeated, there can be
      serious damages made on them. Cronicle stress that attacks
      immunofissioncy system can make our organism week and easy to infect,
      You can´t always avoid stress but you should try to calm and reduce
      it. Hans Selye once said that stress is "spice of life" If we want to
      defeat it we have to get to know it, maybe just by asking ourselves a
      few questions an trying to give an answers:
      1. Whaut causes strong unpleasant feelings of anger and tensesness?
      2. What causes my pain in the stomack, exhaustion, heart beating,
      neck stiffness?
      3. Do I sleep enough and peacefuly, or what disturbs my dreams?
      4. If it´s hard for me to concetrate, what are the thoughts that
      upset me?
      5. What keeps me from normal relaxing, feeding,…?
      You shouldn´t react on stress agressivly, it´s better to take some
      time and think about it. Different kinds of stress are requiering
      different solutions, but you should always think before reactions. It
      is also good to write down all that you are fighting with sometimes
      talk to someone about it. Worries are making some sort of tensesness
      and ruining our concentration. One way to make it easier is to play
      some sport, walking or doing any other similar activity. Our
      spiritual life is on strike and we have to defend it. We can also
      find where Jesus talks about it(Lk 12,22): "Don´t worry…"
      This is how Heiko Ernst makes few decisions to make life easier:
      1. To be calm and to meet stress with more peace in circumstances
      where stress is showing up.
      2. To be with people, hang out with them. To spend more time with
      family, friends,…
      3. To learn simplicity of beeing. To find some play and fun in my
      life, because of seriousity of our lives.
      4. Learn how to have more time! Don´t work to hard!
      5. To gain a harmony in my life by discovering my hiden talents and
      6. To be fully present at this very moment.Concentrate yourself on
      We are becoming tired of life and Jesus is calling(Mt 11,28).:"Come
      to me…and I will rest you." He will direct us, just like disciples,
      after hard work (Mk 6,31) so that we could rest and prepare our self
      to spread the Gospel worldwide.
      I hope you´ll find this usefull to end your classes.
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