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A Bad Meditation Is A Good Meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    In class last night, several students stated that they had trouble meditating . I think this article is well worth sharing for everyone: Bad Meditation You re
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2002
      In class last night, several students stated that they had "trouble
      meditating". I think this article is well worth sharing for everyone:

      Bad Meditation
      You're sitting comfortably in your favorite spot, all is well, you're
      calm, cool, and collected. You start to meditate, perhaps repeating a
      mantra, and then you find you just can't concentrate. Let's say that
      you intend to say OM over and over. What sometimes happens is that
      after you say OM a few times, your inner chatterer starts making
      comments. It may go like thisÂ…"Om sounds like home. Boy, wouldn't it
      be nice to buy a new home." And then it continues "They just built a
      few new homes in New Jersey. If I take the turnpike I can get there
      pretty quickly. But there may be a lot of traffic. I might get stuck
      in it for hours", and so on, and so on. So, there you are, not just
      not experiencing OM, but now you're in gridlock and starting to feel
      road rage! Then, you realize that you've lost your concentration and
      instead of just returning to meditating on OM, your inner chatterer
      starts chastising you with statements like "You can't meditate! You're
      no good! You're incompetent!' and so on. Then it starts filling you
      with self-pity things like "I suffer so. If only I could control my
      mind, but I can't and never will." Of course, this is even further
      away from OM than driving on the turnpike. But there is also something
      very good happening as well, and it may prove to be far more
      beneficial in the long run than if you would have had a meditation
      that included visions of heaven and feelings of bliss.

      There is an awareness, a consciousness within you that is a silent
      Witness to everything your senses react with, your mind thinks, and
      your emotions feel. It has been witnessing since you were born. When
      you were a baby and couldn't judge, compare, or comment in any way
      about anything, it was already witnessing. As a matter of fact, this
      Witness is your only hope of eternal life. Your body will drop. Your
      thoughts and emotions will stop. These things have never had any
      permanence whatsoever. The only thing about them that never changes is
      that they are always changing. Our Witness is the only part of us that
      has been changeless and is the only part of us that has the
      possibility of surviving death.You are not your body, you are not your
      emotions, you are not your mind. The Witness is the Real Self. When
      you meditate it is the Witness who will recognize that you have
      stopped concentrating, or are distracted, or are demeaning yourself.
      You then can stop it and direct your consciousness to what is
      appropriate. This is Real Self-control.

      This puts you in the position of benefiting greatly when your attempt
      at meditation "fails". You will begin to recognize not just that you
      have lost your concentration, but what caused you to divert your
      attention. Sometimes you will be able to become aware of habitual
      behaviors that have distracted you. For instance, sounds or other
      physical sensations may cause you to tense up or get emotional.
      Certain type thoughts or emotions, like lustful ones, may lead to
      diverting your focus. When these subconscious reactivities come to the
      surface under the light of the Witness, you will be free from their

      There is no doubt that if you realized that your head has been hurting
      because you have been banging it against a wall, you would stop doing
      it. And your pain would disappear. Similarly, when you cease reacting
      to the conscious and subconscious distractions that have been banging
      you around, your concentration will be firm and your meditation will
      flow freely to you, infinitely and eternally. These are the good
      things bad meditations present to you. Most importantly, they almost
      force you to seek refuge in your Witness, and the more you do, the
      more you realize and experience the reality of your union with the
      pure consciousness that is your real identity. And your suffering
      ends. So, when you are having a "bad" meditation, it is a tremendous
      opportunity to learn and evolve. All the things that have been
      interfering with your at-oneness with your Witness will be laid bare
      before you. Therefore, when you're having any type meditation, it's
      "good" and leads to the inevitable - living happily ever after.
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