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Mullah's Mind Is Our Mind

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    Once, an oil dealer said to the Mulla, This pot is full of oil. Take it to my shop and I will give you one silver coin. Thinking that an easier opportunity
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2013
      Once, an oil dealer said to the Mulla, "This pot is full of oil.
      Take it to my shop and I will give you one silver coin."
      Thinking that an easier opportunity to earn something of value
      has been too long in the coming, the Mulla readily agreed.

      With the pot on his head the Mulla began imagining: with the
      silver coin I will buy my self a hen. This hen will lay eggs
      which I can sell in the market and then I will buy two goats.
      The goats will produce several kids and in no time I will have
      a heard of goats. I will sell these goats and buy a cow. With
      the cow's milk I will have a steady income, and with it a herd
      of cows can I accumulate. With such prosperity I will easily
      find a wife. Then I will have a son. He will learn to walk and
      talk, and before you know it when I go home my son will run to
      me and ask, "daddy, daddy what have you brought for me?"
      Then I shall pretend to be angry and shoo him away.

      So caught up was the Mulla in this day dream that when he shoo'd
      he shook his head. Needless to say, the pot fell from his head
      and crashed to the ground. On seeing the mess, the owner of
      the pot accompanying the Mulla cried,
      "What have you done? You have broken my pot and wasted my oil!"
      The Mulla, even more distraught, cried,
      "You are only concerned with your pot and oil, whereas my whole
      world slipped from me as that pot slipped!"
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