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Escaping Slavery

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  • medit8ionsociety
    There was once a man named Maya who had many slaves. For want of anything else to do, and so they wouldn t have time or energy to escape from his control, he
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2013
      There was once a man named Maya who had many slaves.
      For want of anything else to do, and so they wouldn't
      have time or energy to escape from his control, he would
      give them all tasks to do. Sometimes the tasks were easy
      and to their liking, but usually they had no beneficial
      or enjoyable purpose and simply drained them physically,
      emotionally, mentally, and thus, spiritually. This went
      on for decades until one day when a paper with a message
      on it floated down from above. A slave by the name of
      Moksha quickly retrieved and concealed it. When he had
      the chance, he opened it and read the message. It said
      "You are free when you are aware and act". This instantly
      triggered a series of thoughts that presented a way to
      escape the hold the slavedriver had on him and the other
      slaves. The gut feeling this produced was so emphatic a
      sensation that Moksha knew it unmistakably as Truth.

      He swiftly went from slave to slave and told them the plan.
      What they would do is keep their "Master" busy by making
      attempts at escaping. At the break of dawn, they started
      implementing their plan. First one slave would break away
      and start running for freedom, and when Maya caught him,
      another would run away in another direction. In a
      surprisingly short time, the slave-driver was so tired
      that he dropped from fatigue. As he lay helpless, all the
      slaves escaped and gained their freedom.

      Moksha stood over Maya and told him "You no longer are in
      control, and as a matter of fact, I now have you in my
      control". With that, he placed shackles on Maya and
      demonstrated his power by leading him here and there and
      having him do deeds as he directed. The slave was now the
      master and the former master was now the obedient,
      controlled servant. As for the other slaves, they were
      enveloped with the joy that only freedom can bring, and
      they lived happily ever after with Moksha as their leader.

      Although words cannot convey the impact and wisdom that an
      intuitive understanding presents, they may help lead us
      towards that experience. And so, we will try to use words
      to fathom what Moksha realized from the concept "You are free
      when you are aware and act".

      The Facts of Life

      Our problem, as typical unenlightened humans, is that we
      are virtually totally unaware and unable to do anything
      under our own control. We are limited to simply reacting
      to what our senses perceive and our mind and emotions bring
      up. We then respond physically, emotionally, and mentally.
      Stimulus leads to response, leads to response, leads to
      response, and so on. We can accurately be labeled as
      robot-like reaction machines. Unfortunately, we also have
      the problem of being almost completely unaware of this
      situation. This is because we also suffer from the disease
      known as Maybe This, Maybe That, Would of, Could of, Should
      of ism. The chief symptom of this debilitating infirmity is
      the inability to experience life as it takes place and the
      almost total absorption in the process of rehashing the past
      and fantasizing about the future.

      When Moksha received the enlightening message from above,
      he realized the predicament we are in and the solution to
      it. Because we are unaware of the present moment due to being
      locked into physical, emotional, and mental reactivity, he
      realized that if we can focus unreactivly on the present
      moment, we would no longer be a prisoner to our true
      slave-master, our mind (as represented by Maya).
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