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How’s Every Body?

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  • medit8ionsociety
    In every moment the molecular, atomic and subatomic structure of every cell in your body is alive and changing. Your mind s thoughts and your emotional
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2013
      In every moment the molecular, atomic and subatomic structure
      of every cell in your body is alive and changing. Your
      mind's thoughts and your emotional feelings may at times be
      asleep, but the dance of your body and all the collective
      elements that contain and maintain it are active. Even when your
      mind and emotions are silent, like when in deep sleep, or death,
      the elements of your body live on, evolve and change in
      nature naturally. Creating, recreating, never pausing, never
      ceasing and always in the "Now".

      In every moment of life, there may at times be silence in your
      mind, but there never is in your body. When awareness is
      focused inwardly, our heart beat initiating the inhalation
      and exhalation of the lungs and the gushing of the blood flowing
      to, through, and away from every cell in your body at all times
      is producing a concert of celestial harmonies.

      Unlike the body's immediacy, your thoughts and emotions are
      reactive and thus not "Now". You certainly at times have thoughts
      in the moment, like when you are figuring out how much change to
      get back after paying for your morning coffee, but your minds
      chatter is virtually always about rehashing the past and plotting
      for and fantasizing about the future. Reality only takes place
      "Now" and that's when your body's dance and holy song is always
      going on. Your thoughts and emotions are conditioned by what
      your parents, teachers, friends, religious mentors and culture
      have boxed you into. And there is little likelihood that they are
      the same as were your parents, grandparents, great grand-parents,
      and their ancestors. In this multi-media high-tech age this is
      true now more than ever before. Your body though is in action in
      the same way as everyone else's is and has been for as long as
      there have been people. Our humanity itself is our lowest
      common denominator. This is where we all meet in the "Now".
      Keeping our sub atomic, atomic, molecular, cellular, organic
      and bodily activity is a shared ongoing function that happens automatically without any societal, religious, racial or any
      other kinds of differences.

      We are all on a journey from being a living fertilized egg to
      a seemingly unmoving decaying dead body of dust or ashes.
      But actually we are vibrating energized sub-molecularly
      and sub-atomically now and eternally. Witnessing our body
      this infinite perspective may have the potential of placing our
      mind and emotions on the same time schedule as our body is on…
      "Now", and that's the exact and only time we can be aware of
      our life's journey, in reality, as it is taking place.

      Far beyond what letting our emotions and mind run wild offers, meditation is a most effective tool to use to make being conscious
      of being in a body, which is the most ancient and basic human
      trait, a truly in the moment experiential event. And it is an exquisite one! But only if you don't just read about it and
      actually do it.
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