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A Unique View of Samadhi

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    From the article The Process of Samadhi by Swami Krishnananda Do you know that the planets are supposed to have come from the Sun? If you think that this is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2013
      From the article "The Process of Samadhi" by Swami Krishnananda

      Do you know that the planets are supposed to have come from
      the Sun? If you think that this is so, all the characteristics
      of the Sun are in every planet by the process of condensation.
      What is this Earth? It produces magnificent things. It gives
      you wheat and rice, there is sugarcane, there are mangos,
      and wonderful, beautiful things are growing. From where do they
      grow? From the Earth. From where has the Earth come? You say it
      is a chip of the Sun, a piece that has been shot out from the
      Sun. A flaming, burning, gaseous, terrible thing is the Sun,
      which has shot off by condensation this thing that has become
      the mother of the production of wonderful things in this world.
      You can imagine that if the effect is in the cause, everything
      must be potentially in the Sun also. Even the mango fruit is
      there. How is it possible? These things that we eat as our diet
      are existing in some highly potentised, super-active form of
      force. That is why it is said: surya atma jagatas tasthushascha.
      This is a mantra from the Rig Veda. This Surya that you are
      beholding with your eye is the soul of everything. It is your
      soul, and the soul of every bit of matter, every leaf, every
      tree, every fruit, everything that grows. Can you imagine that
      this entire solar system is operating due to the Sun, which is
      the soul? We think it is something electromagnetic – helium,
      whatever it is. These definitions will not work. It is that
      which operates the externalised form of the planets and
      everything that can arise from the planets – just as we have
      a soul which determines the movement of the limbs of the body,
      and anything that we do is the soul operating. But we say there
      is alot of distance; that the Sun is so far away – ninety
      three million miles. No. Can you say that your soul is far away,
      that it is so many millions of miles away from your skin? The idea
      of distance and space is, again, to be abolished by the process
      of Samapatti or samadhi, about which I will speak a little later.

      Thus, it is the recognition of the soulhood, selfhood, atmatva,
      the very existence of a transcendental nature in everything that
      you perceive, in the whole Earth atmosphere, including the solar system and the galaxies. Put them together into a mass, as it were,
      a conglomeration of material energy, and unite yourself with that. You become embracing consciousness. Great joy you must feel
      inside. Great joy! The Sun is your friend. What do you lack? Not
      only is he a friend, he has entered you. The soul of the whole
      solar system is the soul of your own person. All the planets
      dance around you. They are not dancing around the Sun outside, because his soul and your soul are identical. The solar system
      has entered into you. Nobody can know what will happen to you at
      that time. Why do people dance in ecstasy? Bhaktas, mystics,
      great saints and sages cannot control themselves in this
      experience. It is beyond comprehension. The body will break
      into pieces if you inject such energy into this person.

      So go slowly, slowly, slowly. Don't proceed in a hurry, in case something happens. First of all, see that you have no external desires; otherwise it will damage your whole system. This
      meditation is like dynamite. It can break things, and it can
      help you. It can break yourself if you touch it in an irresponsible manner. So these meditations are a great divine blessing; they
      are dangerous things also, at the same time, if the body and mind
      are not prepared. I am not again going into the whole preparatory process of yama, niyama, pranayama and so on. You know all these things very well, and I have no time to go into these details. But
      I am mentioning to you that unless there is already a preparatory discipline which has hardened your personality as a receptive
      medium of this great incoming power, you will not be able to withstand it. Six hundred volts entering into your body –
      it will burn you to ashes.

      Meditation is the golden treasure before you. There is nothing
      that you cannot achieve. You have just to close your eyes and intensely ask That; no, don't ask That, become That. The whole
      of samapatti is nothing but becoming That. If you deeply become
      That, there is a vibration, a response that emanates from That
      which is otherwise wrongly considered as external to you. There
      are no other people here. There are no other things in the solar system. The entire space-time complex, which is so incalculably great, cannot be considered as something that is operating
      internally to an outer cosmos. This whole world is a manifestation
      of space-time only.

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