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Re: Zen and the Art of Knifemaking

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Well, this weekend I spent displaying knives I ve made at the Philly Gun Show. 1200 tables full of weapons and their accoutrements and thousands of people
    Message 1 of 27 , Dec 16, 2012
      Well, this weekend I spent displaying knives I've made at
      the Philly Gun Show. 1200 tables full of weapons and their
      accoutrements and thousands of people there to buy them.
      Much discussion about the duality of "guns don't kill people,
      people do" and "if there weren't guns available, there wouldn't
      be so many killings" Of course there were local TV crews there filming the goings on and promising to be "fair" in their
      reporting as they focused the cameras on assault rifles and
      other semi and full automatic weapons. This will be just a
      small part of the ongoing and now top news discussion.

      In between actually selling some knives, I spent time
      discussing meditation with people and even conducted some
      mindfulness exercises semi-maintaining a Witnessing
      perspective on whatever was flowing by moment to (what seemed
      like) another moment. And as is common when in a wordless
      meditative mode, words appear that (right or wrong) point to
      "an answer", and here are some that flowed by...

      I'm guessing that just as there are hundreds of millions of
      words available to us, and they don't seem to solve anything,
      there being hundreds of millions of guns and rifles right now
      in the USA, and they aren't solving anything either, maybe
      just being conscious is the only real "problem solver".
      As Gurdjieff put it...
      "Do not be affected by externals. In themselves they are
      harmless; it is we who allow ourselves to be hurt by them."

      (the above is a para-phrase of a post on the Gene's Gulag

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Once again, I'll be displaying my knives and sharing
      > meditation concepts and techniques (the usual combination
      > for a meditation teacher:) at the Philly Gun Show in Oaks PA
      > this weekend, Friday Dec 14 from 4PM to 8PM, Sat 9AM to 5PM, and
      > Sun 9AM to 4PM. Here's where you can get info and a discount coupon:
      > http://www.eaglearmsgunshows.com/oaks-gun-show-philadelphia-expo-center.html
      > There will be about 1,000 tables full of weapons, ammo, and just
      > about anything you can think of that brings about violence and
      > destruction, as well as thousands of people who are anxious to buy
      > these items. And there will also be my table where consciousness
      > evolving methods will be shared (as well as complaining about the
      > Eagles). Many of the knives I have made will be available and with
      > the holidays coming, I expect lots of activity that interrupts our
      > "high" conversations. But this is all part of what life is about...
      > and maintaining a meditative mode in active as well as in passive situations is what a meditative practice should include. And when
      > someone approaches you carrying a machine gun, and has ammo around
      > their neck, to discus how best to use a certain knife, or whatever else is making their mind chatter, it's certainly an excellent opportunity to witness your own chatter, and to apply Self
      > control and maintain your serenity, or to see just when and
      > how you lose it (which might be a more valuable benefit).
      > So it is actually an excellent environment for learning about and experiencing meditation in real life. Hope to see you there!
      > BTW, here's where you can see my knives:
      > http://www.bobroseknives.com
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob
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