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Re: what is a meditation technique that can help remove paranioa

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    ... Yo Candace, I don t know the specific black smoke method, but do have confidence that the technique below (copied from our web site
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      "candace_day@..." <candace_day@...> wrote:
      > i know there one that balck smoke technique i dont remeber how it goes if any know what im talking about refresh mewhere picture the a could black smoke u inhale but i dont remeber the last part) ut any one know any techniques to meditation techniques tor rmeove paranioa please let me know
      Yo Candace,
      I don't know the specific black smoke method, but do
      have confidence that the technique below (copied from
      our web site http://www.meditationsociety.com/week6.html )
      can bring an end to paranoia and to all other suffering-
      causing mind chatter. But, as with all meditations, you
      must not just read or think about them, you actually have
      to do them with perseverance and a real dedication to
      evolving in consciousness/self knowledge/truth/etc.
      I wish you well.

      The Dalai Lama Meditation

      The Dalai Lama has been acknowledged by Tibetan Buddhists
      to be a reincarnation of the God of Compassion and by the
      world in general to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner but few
      know him to be a practicing meditator. All his life, he
      has been surrounded by masters of meditation and has been
      initiated into many different techniques. It is therefore
      appropriate that we pay attention when he points out one
      method so valuable that he does it everyday:

      Remember when you were a kid and they often had cartoons
      where someone had a devil on one shoulder and an angel
      on the other and they were whispering into an ear -- one
      encouraging doing "bad" and one doing "good". In a way,
      that's the basis of the Dalai Lama Meditation technique.

      Sit quietly, calmly with eyes closed, as relaxed yet aware
      as you can be. Visualize yourself on the left side of your
      minds eye as you would appear to yourself and others in a
      moment of impatience. Really see this inner vision. Watch
      your face, observe your body language. What does your
      impatient self look like? On the right side of your minds
      eye, see yourself when you are very patient. What do you
      look like when you have a lifetime of time. As tense as you
      appeared on the left as your impatient self, see yourself
      as relaxed in your patience on the right. Now on the left
      side, see yourself as you appear when you're depressed.
      Look carefully. How does that make you feel? Can you be aware
      of the aura of doom and gloom you're radiating? And then,
      on the right side of your minds eye, see yourself as you
      are when you're joyous. Merge with that happiness. Know how
      others would see you.

      Continue seeing all the seemingly negative feelings and
      behaviors on the inner left-hand side of your minds eye
      and the opposite on the right. On the left, see yourself
      as jealous and on the right as how you appear when you are
      truly glad for someone else's sucess or happiness. On the
      left, see the bigoted you and on the right, the all-embracing.
      On the left the mean, on the right the sweet. See the stupid
      you and the brilliant. See the clumsy and the graceful.
      On the left, see the unsatisfied and on the right, the contented.

      Go on and on, becoming familiar with the "you" on the left
      and the opposite "you" on the right. Then see the total
      "you" who would be there on the left if none of the
      characteristics of the right side were present. Now see
      the "you" who would be the totality of yourself with the
      right side only if none of the behaviors and feelings of
      the left side "you" had ever appeared.

      The Dalai Lama tells us that there is nothing else necessary
      because just by seeing your negative left-side self, you
      will become so disgusted with yourself when you witness
      yourself acting in any of the left side ways that you will automatically cease any of those actions and start doing
      and feeling the right-side actions. Eventually, you will
      become the right-side you exclusively. Eventually, you will
      have peace, compassion, wisdom, good health, patience, and
      all the other glorious aspects of life.

      This technique has the potential to change your life profoundly
      for the better. It is one of the best antidotes for negativity.
      It is consistent with his unlimited compassion that the
      Dalai Lama has shared it with us.
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