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How To Cook Your Mind

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Your mind is your enemy, and is the sole cause of all your pain. A classical meditation concept that deals with the Gunas – the three types of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2012
      Your mind is your enemy, and is the sole cause of
      all your pain. A classical meditation concept that
      deals with the Gunas – the three types of
      actions/qualities in the universe – and the
      types of actions that lead to relief from the
      minds' oppression can be found in that mystic,
      spiritual tale "The Three Little Pigs"…

      Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.
      One pig was dimwitted and lazy and always looked
      for the easiest way to do things. The second pig
      was cunning and thought himself to be so clever
      that he was sure he could devise shortcuts that
      could fool others, save time, and still get the
      job done. This pig and his lazy brother were very
      selfish and self-centered. The third little pig
      was wise, kind, hard working, and selfless. Also
      living in their neighborhood was a big bad wolf
      who loved pork!

      The wise pig recognized the threat that the wolf
      posed to him and his brothers. He suggested to them
      that they all band together and build a house that
      would protect them. The first little pig said,
      "I'm not ready. I'll just get some straw when it's
      time and I'll fashion something for myself that
      will be fine." The second little pig said, "Look,
      I can take care of myself from my hair to my socks!
      You just watch your own ham hocks! I'll gather
      some sticks and a twig and put them together to
      save this little pig." The third little pig said,
      "Straw's no good. It's too weak for the protection
      you seek. Why not help me build a house of bricks
      that would defeat all the wolf's tricks. As for you,
      my other brother, twigs aren't the right form of
      wood that could save you as you think it should.
      Only a strong log can protect a hog." The first pig
      grunted, " I'm too tired to do anything at all so
      I'll just build a house of straw to protect me when
      the wolf makes his call." The second little pig
      squealed, " Your brain must be in a fog to think I
      must use a log. A house made with a stick is still
      my pick. Anyway, it's too hard to carry a brick."
      So the first little pig eventually made his house
      of straw, the second pig put together his twigs, and
      the third little pig worked very, very hard and constructed
      a house as sturdy and strong as only a brick house could be.

      One fine day the wolf got hungry and came to the house
      of the first little pig and said, "Little pig, little
      pig, let me in." The pig said, "Not by the hair on
      my chinny chin chin!" The wolf replied, "Then I'll
      huff and I'll puff and blow your house down." And the
      wolf huffed and he puffed, and he blew the house down.
      The little piggy was just barely able to run away and
      get safely to his brothers' house of sticks. He knocked
      on the door and said, "Brother, brother open up
      quick – I need to seek shelter in your house made
      of stick." After being let in and telling what happened,
      his brother said, " Don't have any fear, I'm so
      clever, nothing bad can happen here." But the wolf
      had followed him there and was now at the door. The
      wolf said, "Little pig, little pig, let me in or I'll
      huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down."
      Both little pigs said, "Not by the hair on our chinny
      chin chins!" So the wolf huffed and he puffed but he
      could not blow the house down. This got him so mad
      that he pounded on the sticks with all his might. The
      twigs snapped with a frightening sound and the whole
      house came tumbling down. The piggies ran as fast as
      they could while the wolf made toothpicks out of the
      wood. They reached the house of the last little pig
      and squealed, "Take pity on us brother, you've got
      to save us, we're from the same mother." The wise pig
      replied, "Come on in as quick as you can, before that
      wolf gets you and turns you into Spam." Once inside
      they were still as scared as they could be. So the
      wise pig put some water in the large pot in the
      fireplace to make them some tea to calm them down.
      He said to his first brother, "You were a lazy little
      pig and hardly worked at all. You just took some straw
      and threw it against the wall." To his second brother
      he said, "You thought you'd be saved by a twig, but
      you almost became an ex-pig! So both of you found by
      not working hard and being full of pride, led you to
      having to run away to save your hide." He then tried
      to make them as comfortable as they could be.

      Just as the water came to a boil, the wolf came
      knocking on the door and howled, " Little pigs,
      little pigs, let me in, or I'll huff and I'll puff
      and blow your house down." The wise little pig said,
      "Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin" while his
      brothers cowered in the corner. The now very hungry
      wolf huffed and puffed and puffed and huffed but he
      could not blown the house down. This made the wolf
      more determined then ever to have his meal. The two
      little scared pigs were now soaked from fear and
      from running for their lives. The wise pig looked
      out the window and told his brothers, "The wolf's
      still around, he just sat down – he's not just hoping
      to meet us, he's figuring out a way to eat us! Let's
      entice him with a trap that'll make him fall into
      our lap." He told his brothers to take off their
      sweaty garments and threw them into the pot of boiling
      water. The scent it gave off was pure ham. The odor
      came up through the chimney and down to the wolf who
      inhaled it. He immediately started to drool with desire
      and hunger. He climbed up on top of the house and
      jumped down the chimney. He landed with a splash into
      the pot and got boiled in the pigs' sweat, thus ending
      his deadly threat.

      The three pigs had learned a lesson that they would
      never forget – that laziness and false hopes burst
      like a bubble and selflessness and hard work will keep
      you out of trouble. And they all lived happily ever after.

      Sigpigifience Of The Story

      Each little pig stands for one of the three types
      of people that there are in the world. The first pig
      represents the type personality known as Tamasic.
      These people are generally lazy, ignorant, selfish,
      and living in darkness. The second pig represents a
      type called Rajasic. They are active, usually chasing
      after desires, ego-driven, and cunning, often too
      smart for their own good. The wise pig is an example
      of those few of us that have what's referred to as a
      Sattvic nature. Pure, wise, righteous, selfless,
      persevering and living in light. The wolf is your
      mind, and if your defense against it is no stronger
      then straw, the fangs of your mind will chew you up,
      bones and all. Being clever and sly, trying to avoid
      the hard work necessary to attain shelter from your
      minds' storm, will only lead you to being snapped
      like a twig – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
      ripped asunder. Only by being willing to do the right
      thing in the right way, even if it means doing really
      hard work, will you have the possibility of surviving
      your minds' onslaught. Often we find that those who
      have made that diligent effort will be able to cook
      their mind and be free forever from its' peril. The
      sweat-soaked garments that served as bait represent
      the sacrifices a seeker of liberation will make. These
      are their fears, their identification with their body
      and their ego-desires. They are put into the boiling
      water of purification. The mind will always jump at
      such bait because physical and egotistical desires are
      its favorite meal and make for an irresistible offering.
      The boiling water and the pot represent the specific
      method you use to cook your mind. This could be in the
      form of a mantra, a breathing technique, bodily postures,
      devotion, right actions, or any other method that makes
      meditation an experience and not merely a concept.

      To be a truly wise seeker you must be a Witness to
      your thoughts, words, and reactions. If any Tamasic
      or Rajasic activity is witnessed, whatever method you
      have found that brings you to being Sattvic should be
      put into action. A complete, prolonged effort must be
      made to be free of selfishness, which will always
      cause suffering. All undivine qualities must be
      stripped away and sacrificed. If you do this, you
      too will be Sattvic, and like the wise little pig,
      you will live happily ever after.
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