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Words of Wisdom by Swami Satchidananda

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    We re All Enlightened People In a sense, we re all enlightened people. There s enlightenment in us all. However, it s covered over and sometimes forgotten.
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      We're All Enlightened People

      "In a sense, we're all enlightened people.
      There's enlightenment in us all. However,
      it's covered over and sometimes forgotten.
      The light is there already. You are not given
      the light by anyone¬ónot even by a spiritual
      teacher. You are that light. You are the image
      of God. God made everything, everybody in
      God's image. Nobody has to give you enlightenment.
      If somebody has to give you enlightenment, then,
      one day, you'll lose it. So you're all already
      enlightened, but you don't know that, your mind
      doesn't want to accept that. If the mind accepts
      that, the mind loses its power. See? The mind
      doesn't want to lose its power. In a way, it's
      a tug-of-war between you and your mind. The mind
      wants you to be its slave. Through Yoga, you are
      learning to control the mind.

      "God bless you. OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti."

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      Question: I have a growing desire to see God. It has become the thing I want most. But no matter how much I long for Him, my worldly duties and needs get in
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        Question: I have a growing desire to see God. It has become the thing I want most. But no matter how much I long for Him, my worldly duties and needs get in the way. Can you help me?

        Sri Swami Satchidananda: How do you know that you have not seen Him? I heard Him saying, "I have been in front of this person so many times, but he never even recognized Me. He was calling, calling, calling for Me. So I went there many times, stood right in front of him, and he didn't even bother to look at Me. He just brushed Me aside and kept on saying, 'God, where are You? Where are You?'"

        Before you look for God, you should know what He looks like, or at least what God is. God has no particular form, but He appears in all forms and names. It is with His consciousness that I am saying all these things; and with His consciousness, you are listening. To simplify it, we say that God is all consciousness - superconsciousness, cosmic consciousness - or peace. God is already there in you as peace, but you disturb your peace by searching for God. Stop searching and disturbing your peace, and you will experience God. A disturbed mind can never understand God. Looking for God is not our first and foremost duty. Our first and foremost duty is to take care not to let the mind lose its peace. You don't have to make the mind peaceful. If you leave it alone, it is peaceful. In our own lives we should see that we don't lose our peace due to our thoughts, words, actions.

        Learn to remain undisturbed, unshakeable, as steady as the Rock of Gibraltar. You should treasure the peace of your mind so much that nothing, nothing, nothing would shake you. You should be ready to renounce anything and everything that is going to disturb your peace. Name, fame, money, power, position, relatives, friends - all should be secondary to maintaining your peace. Everything else is nothing compared to peace of mind. With that peace, you will easily see God.

        Om shant. Om shanti. Om shanti.

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