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Words of Wisdom by Swami Satchidananda

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  • medit8ionsociety
    We re All Enlightened People In a sense, we re all enlightened people. There s enlightenment in us all. However, it s covered over and sometimes forgotten.
    Message 1 of 200 , Mar 3, 2012
      We're All Enlightened People

      "In a sense, we're all enlightened people.
      There's enlightenment in us all. However,
      it's covered over and sometimes forgotten.
      The light is there already. You are not given
      the light by anyone—not even by a spiritual
      teacher. You are that light. You are the image
      of God. God made everything, everybody in
      God's image. Nobody has to give you enlightenment.
      If somebody has to give you enlightenment, then,
      one day, you'll lose it. So you're all already
      enlightened, but you don't know that, your mind
      doesn't want to accept that. If the mind accepts
      that, the mind loses its power. See? The mind
      doesn't want to lose its power. In a way, it's
      a tug-of-war between you and your mind. The mind
      wants you to be its slave. Through Yoga, you are
      learning to control the mind.

      "God bless you. OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti."

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    • medit8ionsociety
      Watch your mind. Watch your breath. Become an observer, which is the key to Jnana Yoga. Don’t worry about particular techniques. Just sit back and observe
      Message 200 of 200 , Feb 9, 2016
        Watch your mind. Watch your breath. Become an observer, which is the key to Jnana Yoga. Don’t worry about particular techniques. Just sit back and observe the breath, mind, and thoughts. Just see what’s happening within you. Become a witness, which is a wonderful form of meditation. Be still and watch what is happening in your mind and in your body. Maybe you have been repeating a mantra or focusing on one object for a time. You may then relax and sit calmly and watch the mind; observe the peaceful vibrations that come. Listen to the silence completely. Observe your own brain. See how peaceful you are. The mind seems to be totally at rest. You might think the mind is almost asleep, yet you are still conscious of the whole thing. The body is resting. The breath has very much slowed. The mind is almost sleeping but you are aware of everything.

        Ask yourself, “Who is aware of them? What is this awareness? Who knows all these things? That is You, the Knower. You are totally different from your body, from your mind. You are the witness—what you call the Self, the pure Self—the witness of the body and mind. If you could maintain this witnessing constantly, still knowing you are the witness all the time, you would reach Self-awareness or

        Self-realization. Keep up this awareness, even in your day-to-day activities. When you are eating, when you are walking, and especially when you are distressed, you can still witness. You will constantly enjoy supreme peace. Through this practice you become the master of your own body and mind. You’ll walk through life like an undisturbed sage.

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