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How toTransform the Individual I Into Nothing

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    By Juan Matus (don Juan) Many people on the Earth, who become involved in religion superficially, believe that their `religious duty is to weep. Yet,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2012
      By Juan Matus (don Juan)
      "Many people on the Earth, who become involved
      in religion superficially, believe that their
      `religious duty' is to weep.

      "Yet, spiritual warriors neither weep, nor
      complain, nor pity themselves. They see their
      own defects and — without stopping to fight —
      get rid of them once and for all!

      "When we are concerned only with seeking our
      defects and grieving about our imperfections —
      we miss the opportunity to perform a really
      serious work on helping people and developing ourselves.

      "We have to be able to take our attention off
      the personal `I' — and to look at the One Whom
      we love! We have to learn to live and to act by
      His example and follow His precepts!

      "We have to ask Him to help us to understand our
      mistakes and to reform — yet, we should keep in
      mind that the success depends, first of all, on
      our own efforts.

      "And the main thing — we have to change our attitude
      toward events which look unfavorable to us. We have
      to learn to regard them from His standpoint, i.e.
      from the standpoint of the Evolution of the Universal
      Consciousness and spiritual growth of individual
      consciousnesses on the Path to Him.

      "… Do you know, for example, how to master the art
      of perfect control over matter? It is very simple!
      One has to learn to laugh!

      "I like to laugh! Do you want Me to tell you about
      the laugh of Nagual*?

      "Spiritual warriors from the very beginning must
      learn the laugh of Nagual: they laugh at their own
      vices and thus make them burst like soap-bubbles —
      vices burst together with the inflated feeling of

      "Many people believe that it is weapons that make
      man strong. This is wrong! It is laugh that makes
      man strong! The laugh of Nagual turns the envelope
      of the `I' into nothing. The only thing one has to
      add is calm and love — and then… There is only
      infinite, flowing, free consciousness…

      * Nagual --- Spiritual Warrior/Shaman
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