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A "How-to" About Samadi (Enlightenment - whatever you call "IT")

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  • medit8ionsociety
    This is a somewhat longer read than usual, but potentially clarifies the muddy waters of our understanding about transferring from the concept of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2012
      This is a somewhat longer read than usual,
      but potentially clarifies the muddy waters
      of our understanding about transferring from
      the concept of the individual to the Cosmic Self
      It is by Swami Krishnananda, one of Swami Sivananda's
      disciples. Enjoy!
      The ocean is not a total of many drops. It is
      an integrated, undivided mass in which the apparently
      divided drops lose themselves. We should not imagine
      that the Cosmic Mind is made up of many individual
      minds. There is no many-ness there; it is indivisible.

      Now, how would we manage to contemplate within
      ourselves the indivisibility of a cosmical operation
      through the mind, which apparently appears to be
      locked up within our body? In one of the sutras of
      Patanjali, a prescription is given. The trouble is
      that we always insist that the mind is inside the
      body only. The Cosmic Mind being the substance of the
      individual mind, it is the substance of everyone's
      mind, also.

      In the beginning stages, this difficult process of
      transferring the individual mind to the cosmic stuff
      can be attempted by a simple prescription of Patanjali,
      which he describes in one sutra: bahih akalpita
      vrittih mahavideha tatah prakasa avarnaksayah (3.44).
      Transfer your mind to that which is not you, so that
      the conflict between not you and you ceases, to a
      large extent. Think through the mind of that which
      the mind is cognising, or the eyes are beholding. It
      is not actually a thinking; it is a transference of
      the whole personality itself.

      Many people put a question whether this transference
      of oneself to a larger dimension is a thought process,
      imagination, or intellectual activity. It is none of
      these things. It is the transference of the whole
      being itself. For instance, when you know that you
      are existing, this knowledge that you are existing
      is not intellectual appreciation; you are not just
      intellectually concluding that you are existing. You
      are not just feeling emotionally that you are existing.
      You are not volitionally asserting that you are existing.
      You just exist, and there is no question about the way
      in which you know that you are existing.

      This is what is known as being. It is known only
      by experience. You know that you are a being, which
      you know by a faculty which is being itself. It is
      this being total that gets transferred into the being
      of that which you consider as different from yourself,
      so that the dimension of your being gets expanded,
      by a modicum at least, into the dimension of that
      which you originally thought to be different from

      Let the mind go out of yourself and transfer itself.
      Here again, do not use the word `mind'. The whole
      being is transferred. You are there, which you have
      been beholding with the eyes, or which you have been
      thinking in your mind. A difficulty in this is that
      you require tremendous will power to feel that you
      are another thing. Balesu hasti baladini (3.25) is
      one sutra: Elephantine strength comes by deeply
      transferring yourself to the elephant. You are not
      imagining that you are the elephant; the whole potency
      which arises out of the structure of the elephantine
      body enters into you. It becomes one with you.

      Samadhi is only a word that we use for this kind
      of union of the reality of another thing with the
      reality of your own self. Samadhi is not actually
      a union of two different things. If they are two
      different things, then it cannot be called a union.
      It is becoming one. When two drops of water are mixed
      together, there is only one drop left. You do not have
      two drops. It is not like one stick and another stick
      coming together as two sticks. Two drops of water
      become one drop, only. Like that, when your being is
      united with the being of another, there is only one
      being, and not two beings coming together. But that
      being is larger in its dimension because the finitude
      of your so-called individual being is, to some extent,
      eliminated by the addition of the being of another,
      which you earlier thought was different from you.

      This technique can be applied to anything in the world,
      but you must be very sincere in this practice. You
      should not feel that it may come or not. It must come.
      The Cosmic Mind is not your imagination; it is the
      thing which existed prior to the manifestation of your
      individuality, and exists even now as a transcendent
      element which controls the operation of your individual mind.
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