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Not The Usual Tour

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    `Travellers bump into dead relatives and deities in shades of red, white and yellow By HAN KAR KAY hankk@thestar.com.my ONE can only imagine what heaven would
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      `Travellers' bump into dead relatives and
      deities in shades of red, white and yellow
      By HAN KAR KAY

      ONE can only imagine what heaven would be
      or look like but 52 `tourists' gained entry
      to the ultimate destination of happiness in
      a celestial tour organised by Tze Bei Guan
      Yin Centre leader Master Kek Eng Seng.
      All dressed in white, the participants who
      were selected from more than 200 registrants,
      went on a brief procession and blessing ceremony at 7pm.

      Blindfolded with only yellow cloth as their
      tickets on the journey to heaven, participants
      had to observe a strict vegetarian diet for
      the `tour' carried out inside the Penang Leong
      See Kah Miew building from around 8.30pm.
      Wong Mun Cheong, 65, from Kuala Lumpur, who
      had also participated in Master Kek's
      `netherworld tour' in August, signed up for
      the celestial tour out of curiosity.

      "Minutes into the ceremony, I bumped into a
      funny-looking fat man with a beard and within
      moments, a blue stork flew by and carried me
      to a different dimension.

      "As I entered that dimension, I saw a golden
      green seven-foot tall God of War (Kuan Kong).
      In the blink of an eye, the blue stork brought
      me to another realm in which the Guan Yin
      (Goddess of Mercy) sat by a beautiful cascading waterfall.

      "All of a sudden, I heard a familiar voice
      from behind asking `Chai, nei fan lei lah?
      (Son, you have returned?)'," he said after the tour.

      Wong said he did not expect to bump into his
      mother in heaven.
      "During the netherworld tour, I wished to find
      my mother but only saw thousands of ghosts.
      "This time round, I was astonished to see her...
      and she had pink skin!" he said.

      See Yen Ling, 35, said she had breathing difficulties
      and felt tired when the master began to chant the sutras.
      "Later on, my breathing improved when I saw a
      trail of white light ahead. "After awhile, I was
      surprised to see Na Zha (a child deity) and
      Sun Wu-Kung (the Monkey King) fly towards my
      direction," said the sundry shop owner from Kedah.

      Nevertheless, See was disappointed as she failed
      to catch a glimpse of Guan Yin.

      "I wish to participate in similar tours again
      to experience something different, especially
      to meet Guan Yin," she added.

      Another `traveller', who wished to be identified
      only as B.K. Lim from Klang, said that throughout
      the journey to heaven, she followed a procession
      led by a group of Tibetan Buddhist lama (monks)
      towards a white light ahead.

      "From afar, I could make out Guan Yin at the
      end of the white light.
      "Right before we reached the deity, I was transported
      to a different dimension and met a red-faced god," she said.

      Master Kek said the celestial tour was a successful
      event as more than 40 participants gained entry to heaven.
      "Some of the participants could not enter the realm
      because of their religion.
      "Participants bumped into deities and relatives in
      various sizes and colours, especially shades of red,
      white and yellow as those symbolise heaven,"
      explained the 52-year-old master.
      When asked about the sighting of a funny fat man
      with a beard, he said it could be the
      Yuk Wong Tai Tai (Jade Emperor).
      The entire ceremony on Sunday ended at around 11pm.
      The trip to heaven was jointly organised by
      Master Kek and the Penang Teong Guan Association.
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