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Re: A Most Unusual Deathbed Scene

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  • walto
    ... But he was wrong and came to see it! ... Exactly. Those who preached that there is no self were wrong. ... But...if there is self, one can avoid the filth
    Message 1 of 48 , Oct 18, 2011
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Sandeep" <sandeep1960@...> wrote:
      > Thanks Bob.
      > UG is always good for some laughs.
      > And he did not disappoint till the end.
      > "Those bastards could never touch me."
      > Ergo, there are "those bastards" out there............and there is a
      > "me" ....in here....
      > ... and the twain never met.
      > And this, after 2 decades of screaming and shouting..... there is no
      > self, there is no division, no separation.......et al.

      But he was wrong and came to see it!

      > The essence of UG's rant after the so called "Calamity"
      > occurred........is that "those filthy bastards" which includes the whole
      > shebang of Buddha, Jiddu, Rajneesh, Ramana, Jesus....
      > .... aka, all the teachers from time immemorial....
      > ....were filthy bastards because they were selling hope, through their
      > snake-oil preaching, teaching etc.

      Exactly. Those who preached that there is no self were wrong.

      > And thus no less filthier ...... than the filth that they were
      > espousing.
      > If there is no self...........for whom exists......... those filthy
      > bastards?
      > If there is no self...... for whom exists the deluded idiots posturing
      > as seekers, who go to such used-car salesmen.......to seek hope?

      But...if there is self, one can avoid the filth simply by admitting it.

      > There is no way to have it both ways.

      Though some of you try and try and try. See below:

      PS: the beer is indeed flat.


      > The apperception of no-self( to use a phrase)....
      > ......is the apperception.......... that in the as-if display of selling
      > hope....(in whatever form and through whatever labeled form)....
      > ...no hope has ever got sold, no hope ever got generated and no hope
      > ever gets fulfilled.
      > So is it all hopeless?
      > The sense of a conclusion of hopelessness is the very same sense of the
      > same "concluder-self"...
      > .. which has now moved from hope to hopelessness.
      > So same game.....just a direction change through Google's GPRS.
      > Seeing the as-ifness of all gaming of games............where can be
      > there be an issue......
      > ......with any game?
      > Or with any gamester, with any societal label?
      > And if there is an issue(aka, personified as the object which was known
      > as UG)...
      > ....then that too......... is not apart or different or "outside" of the
      > same .....as-if...... gaming/gamester-filthy hoopla.
      > When an "it" cannot be "itted".........nor can it be not "itted"....
      > ....either it's all divine,
      > or it's all filth.
      > Or its all divinely filth.
      > Or filthy divine.
      > Or "it's all".........is nothing.
      > Or nothing is all.
      > Or the beer is getting flat.
      > --------------
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety
      > <no_reply@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I usually don't enjoy posts that are just URL's
      > > and don't share something worth meditating about
      > > in their own right..But...sometimes the content
      > > of a URL needs to precede the discussion about
      > > the subject, and I think this is one of those
      > > things. It's also worth noting that this deals
      > > with U.G. and not Jiddu Krishnamurti. If you are
      > > not already familiar with this unique Non-Guru,
      > > it may be worth your while checking him out. But
      > > I am sure he wouldn't think or say so. (Try to) Enjoy!
      > > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSUFvhLlXQA
      > >
    • sandeep chatterjee
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      Message 48 of 48 , Nov 5 9:42 PM

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        Sent: Saturday, November 5, 2011 8:26 PM
        Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Re: A Most Unusual Deathbed Scene

        Thank you for expressing what I (and I assume many others) have been thinking for a long time. I value most of the posts on this forum and really appreciate all the work Bob has put in. But the few you mention seem to be in love with seeing their names on the forum associated with repetitive posts, which they may think come from an exalted state of enlightenment but are quite meaningless to lesser mortals like me. Sandeep seems to think that nothing matters, so I would ask - why bother posting here ??


        It is precisely because nothing matters, hence the pixelings.
        Incidentally, neither nothing matters............ nor......... nothing does not matter.

        There was also a mention of the term "meaningless".

        Meaningless is as much a meaning as any other meaning.

        Hence an expression of the same creativity of thought...... which is the sense of  a mind....... a sense of an individuated self.
        After all the sense of a a meaning (even of meaningless) ...

        ....has to co-exist with the sense of the entity......... for which the meaning(even of meaningless)...

        ..is a held meaning.

        That........ to which neither a meaning, nor meaningless can be attributed....

        .....cannot be referenced by even the term "That".

        Or by these very pixels.

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