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Re: What Box Are You Carrying?

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  • medit8ionsociety
    So Nasrudin was sipping tea with a few young students as they were retelling this Box story. The 1st one said: There are at least 7 different ways to gain
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      So Nasrudin was sipping tea with a few young students
      as they were retelling this "Box" story. The 1st one said:
      "There are at least 7 different ways to gain understanding
      from these type stories. For instance, we all have "boxes"
      that we fill with imaginary "snakes". And the snakes
      are representations of things like anger, plans for
      meeting desires, and other mind chatter that have no reality
      except in our mind." Another student then chimed in and said:
      "And we are so convinced of the reality of the snakes
      that our solution to the problem, the "mongoose", that we
      construct holes for the box so that our imaginary fear-defeater
      can breath (have life)." The 3rd student then added:
      "And as a Mullah would not drink alcohol, but rather
      would get drunk enough to hallucinate only from divine sources,
      the bartender would be a representation of a holy person
      who would serve us a drink of reality, and the "pub"
      is a holy place like a Mosque, where such a person
      could be found."
      This went on for quite a while and the students were
      obviously feeling very full of themselves about their
      wise insights.
      Mullah Nasrudin smiled, poured them all another drink
      and said:
      "Perhaps we can speculate that speculation weighs down
      a box more than any mongoose could."

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Mullah Nasrudin used to carry a box with
      > some holes whenevervhe went to the pub to
      > drink. The bar tender wondered what he
      > was carrying in the box. One day he asked Nasrudin.
      > Nasrudin explained, "Whenever I get drunk, I see
      > snakes all around me. It is a very frightening sight.
      > So, I carry a mongoose in this box. With this box
      > near me, I do not get frightened."
      > The bar tender told Nasrudin, "What a fool you are !!
      > There are no snakes here. They are all only in your mind."
      > Nasrudin replied, "I am not a fool. I know there are
      > no snakes. There is no mongoose in this box either.
      > The mongoose is also only in my mind".
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