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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Words of Wisdom by Swami Satchidananda

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  • sandeep chatterjee
    ... Which is why stick to what makes you uncomfortable. (Yes.. un ). During one full day .....of Sangha........Ananda observed a seeker in the morning, asking
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      > Hi. I was struck by something in your last couple of posts. This:
      > "We must always keep the goal
      > clear and see that our every action is recorded,
      > measured, limited and controlled. Every one of us
      > must become navigators."
      > may actually be inconsistent with this:
      > "The degree of the absence of thoughts is the
      > measure of your progress towards Self-realization.
      > But Self-realization itself does not admit of progress,
      > it is ever the same."
      > One takes the position that mindfulness/eye on the goal/etc. is key to
      > self-realization. The other that no-mind/absence of goal or direction is the
      > key.
      > Meditation literature is funny that way.
      > Best,
      > W

      Which is why stick to what makes you uncomfortable. (Yes.."un").

      During one full day .....of Sangha........Ananda observed a seeker in the morning, asking Buddha "Is there God?".
      Buddha, to Ananda's astonishment answered "Yes".

      Later on the day another bhikshuk asked the same question and Buddha to Ananda's astonishment, answered
      " No"

      And in the evening of the same day......one approached and stood in silence in Buddha's presence..

      ...after a little time, tears were rolling down the seeker's face.....

      and after some time....the seeker bowed and left......with not a single sound .....being exchanged.

      After both had finished dinner and after some satisfied belching by both ...(the yams were a bit over ripe)....

      ... Ananda confronted Buddha and asked "What gives? You are no better than a used car salesman"

      Buddha replied, "The first was an atheist and was merely seeking a validation of his belief.

      The second was an theist and was also seeking a validation of his belief.

      The third presented beingness..... which met beingness ........in tears and in silence.

      Hey little bro, I have a '67 Chevy on which I can get you a great deal"

      In a school, where there are no grades to pass and move to the next...

      ...there is the kindergartner of controlled action, and focused navigation towards a self-created goal....

      ..and there is the double PhD of .......No degrees in Reality.

      I.e. the construct of time and space being notional inferences ....

      ...thereby any becoming, which has to be within the such notions...... is itself a notion.....

      Aka, a display of what would be something like progress....

      ... if someone, something .......could ever be isolated and its evolution ever be monitored.

      And whoever said that consistency is a necessary condition.

      Consistent and inconsistent......are both conclusions..... against a parameter, against a paradigm.

      Which is notions arrived at .....through contrasting.....against another notion.

    • T Koenke Diaz
      This is just so right on. Thank you once again :)
      Message 199 of 199 , May 23
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        This is just so right on.  Thank you once again  :)
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