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Osho on Meditation/Witnessing

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    My whole life I have been talking about meditation. There are one hundred and twelve methods of meditation; I have gone through all those methods—and not
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2010
      My whole life I have been talking about meditation.
      There are one hundred and twelve methods of
      meditation; I have gone through
      all those methods—and not intellectually.
      It took me years to go through
      each method and to find out its very essence,
      and after going through one hundred and twelve
      methods I was amazed that the essence is witnessing. The
      methods' non-essentials are different, but
      the center of each method is witnessing. Hence
      I can say to you, there is only one meditation in the
      whole world and that is the art of witnessing.
      It will do everything—the whole transformation of your being.

      It is not something that I have to do it separately;
      it is just an art of witnessing. Speaking to you,
      I'm also witnessing myself speaking to you. So here
      are three persons: you are listening, one person
      is speaking, and there is one behind who is
      watching and that is my real me. And to keep constant
      contact with it is meditation.

      So whatever you do does not matter, you just
      keep contact with your witness. I have reduced
      religion to its very fundamental essence. Now
      everything else is just ritual. This much is enough.
      And this does not need you to become a Christian
      or a Hindu or a Mohammedan or anybody, and this
      can be done by an atheist, by a communist, by
      anybody, because it needs no
      kind of theology, no kind of belief system. It is
      simply a scientific method of slowly moving
      inwards. A point comes when you reach to your
      innermost core, the very center of the cyclone.

      The basic element running through all the methods
      of meditation is witnessing. You ask me: What
      is witnessing? Whatever you are doing. For
      example, right now you are writing. You can write
      in two ways. The ordinary way that you always write.
      You can try another method: you can write it and
      you can also inside witness that you are writing it.
      And you ask: Does that mean some kind of detachment?
      A detachment. You are a little distant, away,
      watching yourself writing. So any act, just moving
      my whatever you are doing, just remain a witness.
      If you have any ego, it will destroy it,
      because this watching is very much poisonous to
      the ego. It is not ego that watches. The ego is
      absolutely blind. It cannot watch anything. You can
      watch your ego. For example, somebody insults you
      and you feel hurt, and your ego feels hurt. You can
      watch it. You can watch that you are feeling
      hurt, your ego is feeling hurt, that you are angry.
      And you can still remain aloof, detached, just a
      watcher on the hills. Whatever goes on in
      the valley you can see.

      So all the methods are basically different ways
      of witnessing. I have condensed them in a very
      simple way: First, watch your actions of the body.
      Second, watch your actions of the mind: thoughts,
      imaginations. And if you can succeed in watching
      all these three, and as your witnessing grows
      deeper and deeper, a moment comes that there is
      only witnessing but nothing to witness. The mind
      is empty, the heart is empty, the body is relaxed. In
      that moment happens something like a quantum leap.
      Your whole witnessing jumps upon itself. It witnesses
      itself, because there is nothing else to
      witness. And this is the revolution which I call
      enlightenment, self-realization. Or you can give
      it any name, but this is the ultimate
      experience of bliss. You cannot go beyond it.

      This is the simplest. And because it can be done
      without in any way interfering with your everyday
      life, because it is something that you can
      go on doing the whole day. Any other method you have
      to take some time apart for it. And any method that
      needs one hour or half an hour to sit and
      do it is not going to help much, because twenty-three
      hours you will be doing just the opposite. And
      whatever you have gained in one hour will be
      washed away in twenty-three hours. This is the
      only method that you can continue around the clock. While
      falling asleep you can go on witnessing, witnessing,
      that the sleep is coming, coming, coming, that it
      is getting darker and the body is relaxing.
      And a moment comes when you can watch that you are
      asleep. And still there is a corner, a space in
      you which is awake.

      When you can watch yourself twenty-four hours,
      you have arrived. Now there is nothing to be done.
      Then witnessing has become natural to you. You don't
      have to do it. It will be simply like breathing,
      happening to you.
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