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Contemplation (and commentary about the article)

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    This article appears in the Concepts of Meditation section of Meditation Station. This afternoon, in the midst of a gun show, a few members of the Meditation
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2010
      This article appears in the Concepts of
      Meditation section of Meditation Station.
      This afternoon, in the midst of a gun show,
      a few members of the Meditation Society of
      America and I had a discussion about some
      of the points it mentions. Some of our
      commentary is shared below. Hopefully
      there will be some benefit and clarity
      from these words that lead to an evolution
      in consciousness. Which is, of course, the
      whole purpose of any of the Meditation Society
      of America's activities.

      Learning concentration can be considered
      analogous to a baby learning to crawl.
      It is only the first phase of a process
      that ends with attaining a freedom of
      movement. Just as we find walking and
      running to be superior ways to arrive at
      a given location, we will find attaining
      the ability to experience states of Meditation
      and Contemplation to be superior ways of
      arriving at infinite varieties of locations.

      While concentrating and meditating we
      are placing limits on our actions -- we are
      commanding our mind, body, and emotions to
      stay focused on the task we have assigned
      and not distract us. In a way, this control,
      though beneficial and necessary for our
      success at concentration and meditation,
      is the exact thing that we need to let go
      of to attain Contemplation. Contemplation
      requires a complete surrender -- a non-control
      by our finite ego/mind and a complete taking
      over by the infinite Cosmic Consciousness.
      Even though "control" may give us a way
      to excise some "inner demons", like compulsive
      behavior, distracting thought patterns, or
      sadness, it is limited. Only an action of
      unlimited qualities can lead to a completely
      liberated result. To fly high, we cannot tie
      ourselves to the ground in any way. The more
      we let go, the more we soar and the moment
      we let go completely is the moment we attain
      the infinite.

      Concentration and Meditation not only give
      us greater control over our lives but also
      allow us a chance to practice witnessing our
      life as it occurs. Witnessing, which can only
      happen here and now, will ultimately lead to
      the recognition of our Real Self, which is
      none other than the source of all consciousness,
      and thus, the ultimate Witness of all.
      Contemplate that.
      A brief commentary:

      What the article seems to suggest is that there
      is some way that we can "do" something, and
      that's very questionable. There is no cause and
      effect "doing" that will let you "surrender"
      or "let go".

      If you're playing chess, there can come a time
      that you see there is no hope of avoiding
      check-mate and you can surrender. But life
      itself isn't that kind of game. With meditation,
      we have moments in our lives that allow us to
      be aware "in real time". Then, when not
      commenting, judging, comparing or anything
      like that, and we are simply being aware in the now,
      we see that "letting go" comes to us. The "surrender"
      is automatic as the temporary ego melts away and
      the universal perspective that is ever present
      presents ItSelf.

      "It", like all things, is just a "Thy will be done"
      thing (whether there is a big "Thy in the sky" or
      whether or not there is a real "I" that I am or
      am not). So it's a matter of "Grace"and "Mercy"
      and "Joy" and other things with ladies names, but
      doubtfully having anything to do with "Just do it".
      That idea is only good for advertisements for sneakers.

      And what's somewhat likely is that all of the article
      and the commentary are just what Kir Li Molari
      calls "Words! Words! Words!" and have actually diverted
      your attention "away from" instead of "attention
      to" what's here in the present.

      Peace and blessings,
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