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You Are Unique In the Eyes of God

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    By Swami Chidananda * Blessed Atman! The key to blessedness lies in being aware of blessedness. If your awareness is turned in different directions, towards
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2010
      By Swami Chidananda *

      Blessed Atman! The key to blessedness lies
      in being aware of blessedness. If your
      awareness is turned in different directions,
      towards what you do not have, or what you
      think or imagine you do not have, then this
      wrongly directed pattern of thought will make
      you unaware of the many things that you have.

      Each one is distinct and unique in the eyes
      of the Creator; there is none like that
      particular being, there is no second. So
      each one is precious and specially valuable
      to the Creator. In the eyes of God, therefore,
      each one is something special. This should
      always be remembered. No one can replace you
      in the role that you fulfil in God's creation
      at any given place and at any given point in
      time. You are most necessary and indispensable
      for that particular set-up, in that particular
      time-space context. And therefore rejoice and
      be grateful to the Lord that He has given you
      a role to perform.

      Whether you perform your role perfectly and
      in a meaningful manner or not is irrelevant,
      because God expects each one to do what one is
      capable of, at any point, at any time. God does
      not expect an ant to haul a great timber as the
      elephant does in the forest. Nor does God expect
      the elephant to fly gracefully in the air as do
      swallows and doves. He expects birds to fly and
      He loves them for what they do. He expects
      elephants to fulfil their role, giving dignity
      to the forest and doing incredible jobs of
      strength. And He expects man to live as man.
      And each one in his own place, in his own
      sphere, can fulfil a task and gladden the heart
      of the Maker and contribute something to His
      plan on earth.

      And this is the truth. And to be aware of the
      truth is to be worry-free, anxiety-free. To be
      aware of the truth is to be grateful to God:
      "You have made me unique, You have given me
      a role, and You have prompted me and brought
      to me all helpful factors to fulfil my role
      and play my part. For that I ever give thanks."

      No one is dispensable. No one is useless. No
      one is lesser in the eyes of God or in the eyes
      of those who try to avoid human judgment and
      human standards of criticism, who accept God's
      creation as it is, because God created it. For
      them, whatever God thought fit to make, in any
      manner whatsoever, is perfect; there is nothing
      wrong in it, and it is acceptable. For them,
      whatever emanates from God partakes of His
      divinity and perfection, and therefore in God's
      own plan, and in God's own way, is fully complete.

      In this way, if we accept this truth that to God
      we are unique, and so we are to all those who
      are trying to look with the impartiality of God's
      vision, then in the presence of God and of those
      who are devotees of God, we must feel at home, we
      have arrived; we may no longer feel distressed
      in heart. One should rejoice in serene calmness
      of spirit: "I have arrived, I am at home, I am in
      the presence of God and I am totally accepted,
      I am totally accepted."

      Things are as they should be. The Lord is in
      heaven and all is well on earth. This is the
      faith, the firm belief of those who have faith
      in the infinite love of God, who have trust in
      the infinite goodness of God and who are sure
      that in God's heart they have a special and unique
      place. This is ever kept reserved for them and
      no one can take it away from them, because God's
      infinite heart is large enough to hold the entire
      cosmos and everything within it.

      Thus knowing, we should have great comfort in
      our heart, great satisfaction and contentment.
      And that is the secret of inner joy, the key to
      blessedness and the pathway to peace, serenity and
      inner calm, where there is no fretting, agitation
      or restlessness.

      The peace of God pervades the entire earth; the
      peace of God pervades everywhere, without and
      within. The peace of God is the one great truth
      underlying all things, ever-present, ever-accessible
      and available, ever-full and inexhaustible.

      Try to live in the light of this truth, and the
      heart and mind will be at ease. Never compare and
      contrast, because there is no comparing and
      contrasting amongst unique things. Every little
      fledgling hatched from an egg is unique to its
      parents; so is each being unique in itself, for
      God is the parent of all. Hence, sages and saints
      and men of wisdom look upon all with equal vision.

      Therefore, rejoice that you are special to God
      in His infinite love. Rejoice that you have your
      own special place and role to perform in this
      creation of God. And rejoice that His love is
      immediately available to you, for He is not a
      remote reality, but He is the indwelling Reality,
      nearer to you than anything else on earth. And
      rejoice that within you is the peace of God as
      your own Self. You are God's peace and you have
      a duty to perform, that is, to spread this peace
      which you are to one and all. Live to spread this peace!

      * For more by and about Swami Chidananda:
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