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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Meditation and Non-Duality

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  • sean tremblay
    A great summerization coveing a multitude of discussions that we have had over the years.exelent clarity. ... From: medit8ionsociety
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 20, 2010
      A great summerization coveing a multitude of discussions that we have had over the years.
      exelent clarity.

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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Meditation and Non-Duality
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      Date: Sunday, June 20, 2010, 9:56 AM


      It is fashionable by so-called Realized Ones
      to say that there is nothing to do, and no
      effort you can make to gain the state of
      Enlightenment/Cosmic Consciousness/Realization, etc.
      (whatever you want to call "IT"), because
      that already is the reality. It is just a
      matter of experience and realizing the Truth.
      And this comes about unbidden and unprecedented
      by any cause and effect. But yet there is a
      multi-thousand year old tradition that says
      that meditation is a valuable tool and has
      preceded their Enlightenment by virtually
      every Realized One. So, if there is nothing
      to do and no effort necessary, what's the deal
      with this?

      The Witness factor

      Reality can only take place NOW, so any event
      that doesn't take place in the now can be excluded
      in any discussion about reality. As an example,
      most people spend about 99% of their mental
      time fantasizing about the future or rehashing
      the past, so all of these thoughts have nothing
      to do with reality. Similarly, because of
      how we are wired neurologically, all sense
      data we receive is always late in arriving,
      and thus can't be relied on to give us a true
      picture of the now/reality. For instance, as
      you read these words, the image of the words
      that are on the page take time to reach your
      eye, and then the image is sent along your
      vision nerve path and transmitted to various
      parts of your brain where their significance
      is received, analyzed as to relevance, and
      stored. This takes time, and just as when we
      see stars in the sky and are told that their
      light has taken many years to reach us, all visual
      images have also taken time, and what we see is
      actually what has past, and not what is. This is
      also the same for what we hear, taste, smell, and
      touch. Similarly, our emotions and thoughts are
      merely reactive messages from the past.

      There is only one constant thing that has always
      been operating in the present for our entire
      life, and it is still available to us now. When
      we were babies, we would and could look out at
      the world without the comparisons, judgments and
      commentary that we now do. The "tool" we used
      is our inner Witness. And the potential to use
      it is ever available. But this option has been
      buried under uncountable physical, emotional,
      and mental habitual reactivity patterns. This
      Witness is what can observe our physical, emotional,
      and mental activity at any time.

      Here's a little exercise that demonstrates first
      hand what we are discussing….. Which nostril is
      inhaling more air right now? There is no answer
      per se, and it isn't a matter of right or left.
      What we want to recognize is the "thing" that
      can see the distinction. This is your inner Witness.
      It can also see what you are feeling emotionally
      in this now. What are you feeling? Now be in contact
      with your inner Witness and for a moment watch what
      thoughts are flowing by. See?! There is nothing
      closer to you than THIS. But how often are you in
      touch with IT? Well, here's where meditation comes into IT.
      Meditation and Witnessing

      There is nothing better than meditation for placing
      you in the Witness position, and this is where
      you must be to experience your life as it takes
      place in a real way. When there, the world is known
      as a non-dual experience, and when not in the
      "living life as it takes place now Witness posture",
      life and reality always appear as dualistic.
      Here's how IT works….

      Part of the process of Meditation involves
      concentration. This is done by intently and
      intensely placing all of one's attention on one
      focal point. There may then be some distractions,
      but the meditator simply goes back to refocusing
      their attention on the object of meditation
      (which could be the breath, the environment, a
      word or phrase said repeatedly, a visual item…
      whatever). And at some point the concentration
      is so complete that distractions cease, all
      effort stops, and meditation simply and effortlessly
      comes to the practitioner. Here the underlying
      reality of unity that is the nature of all and
      everything is presented in the present, as the
      greatest of all presents, to the meditator. And
      life as it is becomes an experience and not just
      a concept. The illusionary separation of "me and
      the rest of the universe" fades away much like
      what happens when we go to the theater and a movie
      ends and `real life' begins again. And knowledge
      of the truth that our inner Witness is in fact
      the Witness of all creation is known experientially.
      To some, this may involve being thrust outside
      of the limits of the mind and senses and the visual,
      tactile, sonic, intellectual, and so on, fields
      open to the reality of our eternal atomic and
      pre-atomic nature, as well as to our transcendent
      of the physical body, Earth, solar system, galactic,
      universal and trans-universal connectivity. And
      realization that there is and always has been an
      infinite consciousness peering through our, and
      everyone and everything's, figurative eyes witnessing
      all of creation eternally as singular, non-dual,
      and characterized as Love, Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

      But is this, or any other experience that can
      be described in words necessarily a part of the
      non-dual event? No! As that famous idiom of Biblical
      sounding mere words puts it "To each his own."
      is the actual case.

      Meditation as a Way

      There cannot be any antecedent for what has
      always been, is, and will always be. So in fact
      neither meditation, prayer, service, good deeds,
      nor any other actions can be labeled as a point
      A that will lead you to point B, which in this
      case we can label Enlightenment inclusive of a
      non-dual experiential nature. But there is much
      anecdotal evidence (yes, this is fantasy in a
      sense, as well as anything and any concept is)
      that the vast majority of Realized One's have
      been meditators at some point in their life,
      and it can be surmised that in a way this did
      prepare them in a way much like what a farmer
      does when they plant a crop. It removed the weeds
      and other impurities, and prepared the soil to
      give the seeds the best chance possible for the
      miracle of life and growth to occur. But, as it
      is with farming, the eventual birth and growth
      of sweet fruit can only take place by Grace.

      So, should we Meditate or not relative to non-duality?


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