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Re: Happiness May Come With Age, Study Says

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  • dan330033
    ... Hi Bob - What you say rings true. True, for example of art, where a painter will practice endlessly to get to a point where art happens spontaneously
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 3, 2010
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > I've so much enjoyed the recent posts that have
      > dealt with the mind-body connection (and I am
      > also including Sri Danji's ones as well), that
      > when I read this article I thought it may have
      > significance relative to the practice of meditation
      > and the mind-body-emotional growth that occurs
      > over time if our life is seen as an ongoing process of
      > evolution in consciousness. We spend so much time
      > learning things that at first require us to be aware
      > and practice, and then we eventually can do them so
      > effectively and functionally that we become able to
      > do them with virtually no attention at all. Think
      > about how we learned to drive and how focused we
      > were at first on paying attention to the road and
      > what we were doing, and then became so good at it that
      > we can and do daydream or text and the driving just
      > happens. Then, after many years, as we age, we realize
      > that we're not quite as sharp as we once were and we
      > start focusing our attention more often while driving.
      > This realization can be conscious or unconscious, but
      > is common. Just as seniors realize they aren't as strong
      > or agile and can't see or hear as well as they once did,
      > they will compensate by avoiding behaviors that they
      > once did without thinking. So, I surmise that from some
      > age, perhaps 50 as the article points to, the accumulated
      > meditations that have happened in life by "doing meditation"
      > or have occurred spontaneously, we go through a similar
      > process and evolve in consciousness in a way that, like
      > meditation, brings us greater peace, happiness, and
      > being in the moment awareness/attention.

      Hi Bob -

      What you say rings true.

      True, for example of art, where a painter will practice endlessly to get to a point where art happens spontaneously through the artist. The practice and the art happening aren't two, but might seem divided in terms of a process occurring over time. True also of martial arts, writing, music, or many other skills/expressions.

      Also, it is possible that rather than a person deciding to do meditation to get a result, that meditation starts to happen spontaneously through that person's life.

      Unexpected, not premeditated, and not for a goal.

      I guess you could say that the goal is goal-less, that is, the "goal" simply is the "is" of being and the awareness that is being: this which is so, which is present or present-ness, and the meditation includes mind-body but isn't aimed at the mind-body (as to achieve some goal in it, through it, or for it).

      But just the being present, as it is, can't help but include the mind-body without division, and include mind-body-being aware.

      The body will relax, the mind will open, awareness is clear, bodily sensing is clear, breathing tends to slow and deepen - this is only natural to absorption in/as being.

      Nothing to do, nowhere to get to, nothing to have to plan (i.e., no plan such as "I will get to be more present later, as I get better at doing this.")

      And thus, not state dependent. Not a matter of getting to some state, or keeping some state going. Because always only "present," choicelessly so.

      Certainly practice can be an aspect of how this manifests over time, just as you've suggested, although it might turn out that the seeming intention to practice later turns out not to have involved an individual making choices for personal benefit, but just an expression of impersonal being.

      - D -
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