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Meditation Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy

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    Purifying the Mind The mind is almost always impure, and it almost always brings in uninspiring thoughts. Even when it is not doing this, the mind is still a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2010
      Purifying the Mind

      The mind is almost always impure, and it
      almost always brings in uninspiring thoughts.
      Even when it is not doing this, the mind is
      still a victim to doubt, jealousy, hypocrisy,
      fear and other undivine qualities. All negative
      things first attack the mind. The mind may reject
      them for a minute, but again they knock at the
      mind's door. This is the nature of the mind.
      The heart is much, much purer. Affection, love,
      devotion, surrender and other divine qualities
      are already there in the heart. That is why the
      heart is much purer than the mind. Even if you
      have fear or jealousy in the heart, the good
      qualities of the heart will still come forward.

      But again, the heart may not be totally pure
      because the vital being is near the heart. The
      lower vital, which is situated near the navel,
      tends to come up and touch the heart center. It
      makes the heart impure by its influence and
      proximity. But at least the heart is not like
      the mind, which deliberately opens its door to
      impure ideas. The heart is far better than the
      mind. And best is the soul. The soul is all purity,
      light, bliss and divinity.

      1. Becoming the soul

      In order to purify your mind, the best thing to
      do is to feel every day for a few minutes during
      your meditation that you have no mind. Say to
      yourself, "I have no mind, I have no mind. What
      I have is the heart." Then after some time feel,
      "I don't have a heart. What I have is the soul."
      When you say, "I have the soul," at that time
      you will be flooded with purity. But again you
      have to go deeper and farther by saying not only,
      "I have the soul," but also "I am the soul." At
      that time, imagine the most beautiful child you
      have ever seen, and feel that your soul is infinitely
      more beautiful than that child.

      The moment you can say and feel, "I am the soul,"
      and meditate on this truth, your soul's infinite
      purity will enter into your heart. Then, from the
      heart, the infinite purity will enter into your
      mind. When you can truly feel that you are only
      the soul, the soul will purify your mind.
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