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  • Aideen Mckenna
    Good advice from a Taoist. Bless D. Wijay s heart, s/he is perhaps not cut out to serve as a translator. Aideen _____ From:
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      Good advice from a Taoist.

      Bless D. Wijay’s heart, s/he is perhaps not cut out to serve as a translator.


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      The Eight Things Need To Be Reduced

      Author: The Sie Bien & Lie Ming Sen
      Translated by: D. Wijaya

      The eight things that have to be reduced when you
      want to have a better result in practicing Taoism are:

      1. Lessen envious / jealousy.
      Envy is a burden for oneself and usually would
      to a destructive conduct. This character has to
      be eliminated.

      2. Lessen criticizing others.
      Lots of people does not like to be criticized,
      moreover, the critics are said in front of the
      public in attacking manners. Hold down and find
      a wiser way out is a way to compensate those criticizing.

      3. Not to show off.
      Showing off will lead to arrogant. It seems like
      "only I who exist, but you aren't".

      4. Reduced revenge action.
      Revenge is also a burden towards oneself. Especially
      when it is applied to small matters. We will be
      exiled from our community, not having any friends
      and destroy ourselves.

      5. Lessen the action of taking anything into account.
      In our conduct, if we always calculate on benefits
      and losses up to small matters, then how are we
      going to learn and practice Taoism? Learning and
      practicing Taoism needs an open mind, simplicity of
      attitudes and conducts / behaviors in life, but
      still have principles.

      6. Not to make any trouble, not being a nuisance
      or annoying others. Those are often become a disaster,
      which caused a broken friendship and inharmonious life.

      7. Reducing the desire of winning over.
      Generally, one is still tight to wealth and fame.
      If he always wants to win, this means seeking for
      fame and as if he is the best, actually, he is still at beginner-level of learning Taoism, that is
      "There is only me, but no one else".

      8. Reducing the feeling of being right.
      Usually if considering oneself being the most
      righteous, meaning he is the cleverest and others
      are wrong and stupid. A person that feels being the
      most righteous or the cleverest, really is the most
      stupid person, or in other words; that is his
      stupidity by showing off being the most cleverest.
      This person is still at the stage of
      "There is only me, but no one else".

      By reducing your bad characters bit by bit, so it
      will change your attitude from the stage of
      "There is only me, but no one else" to
      "I'm the first one and you are next",
      until then reach the stage of
      "You are the first one, I'm the next".
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