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Stop Being Tired

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Stop Being Tired Whenever I write anything, I always give it to my wife to proofread (I kant spel two gud). It makes me feel very secure knowing that
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2010
      Stop Being Tired
      Whenever I write anything, I always give it to
      my wife to proofread (I kant spel two gud). It
      makes me feel very secure knowing that everything
      will be just as it should. But often during
      the writing itself, my inner Witness observes
      my body tensing up, my mind chastising me, and
      my emotions getting riled up. "I" then
      order them to relax. This is an example of being
      aware of inappropriate energy use/misuse. Whenever
      we are doing anything, either our body, our mind,
      or our emotions should be doing the bulk of the
      work uninterferred with by the other two facets of our
      being. If it is a physical task, just our body
      should be involved. If it is a mental one, just
      our mind, and if it's an emotional situation, just
      our feelings. Yes, we do have to use all three to
      some degree, but we should be doing it in a sensible,
      appropriately balanced manner. For instance, if
      you are trying to hammer a nail into a piece of wood, you
      are better off if you just let your eyes and hands
      do the task. If you let your thoughts or emotions
      get involved, you better get ready to
      put some ice on the finger you will all too
      often smash.Tensing your entire body while performing
      a task that only requires the use of a few muscles,
      mindless mental judging, comparing, and
      commenting that isn't needed, and extremes of
      uncalled for emotionality are incredibly draining.
      Similarly, habitual mannerisms rob you of tremendous
      amounts of energy. For example, do you twiddle your
      thumbs? Do you laugh a little after every statement?
      Do you pull on your collar, play with your hair,
      or scratch your ear even though it's not itching?
      What do you do? Why do you do it?
      You've probably wasted enough strength to have
      moved a mountain. It's no wonder that so often
      you feel tired, grouchy, and generally miserable.
      The solution is to become aware of your life as it's
      taking place and when you realize that you are
      expending energy needlessly, stop doing it. This
      is where the inner Witness comes in. There is a
      consciousness, an awareness that has always been
      present and is here now, that is a Witness to the
      stimuli your senses react to, the mind changes
      that are never-ending, and to your continual
      emotional fluctuations. It is the ultimate proofreader.
      The more you are at one with it, the more you are
      capable of being in control of your actions and
      thus able to cease doing those that are energy
      draining and unproductive. And this is where
      meditative technique comes in.
      Meditation can be partially described as a state
      of at-oneness with the inner Witness. Whatever
      method you use that works for you, that produces
      that state, is the right one. For some, it may be mantra
      (repeating a word, phrase, or mystic formula),
      others may do visualization techniques, while
      many find success by merging with
      loving energy, and so on and so on. Sometimes
      you can be in touch just by being reminded to
      be aware of your body in the present moment.
      For instance, right now please check out where
      your tongue is. Is it in the middle of your mouth
      as it would be if you were getting ready to talk?
      Why? You're just reading. No one is going to
      call on you or ask you to make a speech. Relax
      your tongue. Think of all the energy you have
      been wasting over all these years by maintaining
      unneeded tension on the muscles that control your
      tongue. You may have started this draining
      unconscious habit when you were in grade school
      and realized that the teacher might call on you
      and you had better be ready to answer
      promptly. Similarly, your peer group when you
      were a teenager would have expected you to quickly
      add to the conversations you had with them,
      and your boss has shown you that your job could
      be at stake relative to being able to swiftly
      respond verbally to whatever is needed for business.
      These and other events have led you to maintain
      fatiguing physical, mental and emotional tension.
      This subconscious muscle readiness manifests in
      many different ways. Rather than just discussing it,
      please experience it now first hand, and start
      to do something about itÂ…
      Be aware of your hands and fingers. Are you using
      any muscles that aren't needed? Are you habitually
      ready to write, type, hold a steering wheel, or
      whatever? Relax. You're probably seated now. Do you have
      your legs, buttocks, shoulders, or any other body
      parts tense now? Witness. Let them relax. Command
      them to relax. Now witness what emotions you are
      feeling. Do you detect anxiety, exuberance, or
      anything in between? Command your emotions to
      relax and maintain a calm tranquility. Now, be
      aware of your minds' chatter. Is it judging,
      comparing, or commenting? Command your mind to
      be silent. Save your energy for things that make
      you feel good, high, blissful. But to do that,
      you've got to witness yourself doing these useless
      things. The awareness that you are using to check all
      this out is your Witness, your Real Self. By being
      at one with it, you are in the position of having
      real self-control and the ability to see and
      cease all fatiguing, unneeded, reactive and habitual
      expenditures of energy. What is needed is a consistent
      method for remembering to witness. Meditating twice
      a day for 20 minutes has far more than 40 minutes
      worth of effect. It brings about a complete
      neurological and psychological process that leads
      to more and more times during the other 23 hours
      and 20 minutes that you are at one with your
      awareness, your Witness. It's like tilling the
      soil, pulling out the weeds, and plantings seeds
      in a garden. When the time is ripe, Mother Nature,
      Grace, will cause the flower you are to bloom. And
      you will know the blissful feeling of divine security
      and experience the infinite, eternal, pure loving
      consciousness that assures you that everything is
      just as it should be, and you will live happily ever after.
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