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Con Game or Passion

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  • G <crystalkundalini@hotmail.com>
    ... G: all that i may attest to this is simply that once there was suffering - pain - depression - longing - fear - loneliness - braving up and denial...
    Message 1 of 55 , Jan 3, 2003
      --- In Guru_Satsang@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea <jeff@m...>"
      <jeff@m...> wrote:
      > Here's a repost for the Meditation Society of America group,
      > following a volley of opposing opinions. A little passion
      > from Papajeff.

      G: all that i may attest to this is simply that once there was
      suffering - pain - depression - longing - fear - loneliness - braving
      up and denial... puffing oneself up yet falling flat on the face...
      there were concepts and rituals - seeking in every nook and cranny
      that could be found... over 40 years of an internal search and
      external search in one moment seeming to be gaining answers and in
      the next dashed upon another stone of delusion ...
      praying fervently - facing the demons of mind... facing the
      percieved demons of life that were perpetrated upon my reality..
      the dark night of the soul was there with momentary lights and
      but suddenly in one moment beyond time ALL dropped away... when
      Absolute Surrender came ALL fell away in ONE Instant and the
      suffering has NEVER raised its head again.... the fear has never
      returned... the loneliness has no place ... depression went from
      severe and chronic to No More... What remains is a Peace ... What
      IS and has not moved is that Calm... Absolute Is the Reality and
      the transient is the ever present show ...
      i can state 100% that there was an instantaneous shift from one
      state to another and that has Never changed nor varied since...
      when going from intense suffering to Peace and internal Bliss that is
      unmoving then all i can say is Yes it IS Real and Valid....
      For those that want to pooh pooh it and attempt to negate it be my
      guest but it is unshakable... when Absolute is KNOWN it is
      Unshakable and Reality changes from a wasteland to a rich banquet to
      be savored and enjoyed.... THAT is what is spoken of... and if you
      think that it is a con then for you it will remain just that - a con
      for that one is in such misery that they cannot believe that there is
      something other than their pain and limited self...
      For those that Have transcended their sufferings and pains and
      illusions there is only Liberation and Knowing that there was nothing
      to be liberated from except themselves... and THIS is WHAT we

      is it a con? i charge no monies... seek no followers that sit at
      my feet and hang on my every word .... i say here is the way - walk
      it and find out for yourself... if you believe me then fine here is
      the way... if you do not beleive me then fine go within and find
      out the truth for yourself... but in either case find that which you
      are seeking within... it is not found by pleading nor may it be
      purchased... it can not be handed to anyone by Any Teacher... but
      Teachers are there as lights and guides for they already know and
      have traversed the pitfalls along the way....

      it matters not what may be said against us... our steps are sure and
      we do not falter nor fall any longer... once the Truth is Known to
      the depths of Being it is the Reality.... nothing remains other than
      Source at core and the reflection of personal self without.. and it
      is not two....

      a con is when one sets up another to be cheated... when nothing is
      asked for nor nothing is required where is the cheat and what is the
      con? it is simple to sit back and curse and swear point and condemn
      and where is the Love within that? where is the gratitude of Being
      and Living? where is the celebration of Bliss or Joy within that?

      for those that love the stench of sewage enjoy it and wallow in it...
      like it is said cast not your pearls before swine lest they turn and
      rend you....

      for some the hard hand is required to break through the fantasy's
      that go nowhere... the consumate complaints ... the eternal poor me
      rhetoric for those it has its place... but it is not the end all or
      be all... unless one is a masochist and simply enjoys being whipped
      to death...

      There is a way to go within and to surrender that which is
      falsehood... there is a way to still and allow the mind to settle so
      that your life may be seen in clarity... there is a way to question
      and reach the core of your illusions and distress... there is a way
      to question the fallacy of what has been being lived as a truth when
      it is simply an ongoing construct of conditioned pain.. there Is a
      way to break through and transcend all the subtle and not so subtle
      games that the ego is want to play... there are many paths to
      within... many paths that strip away the layers of doubt and
      suffering and delusion to reveal what has always been ... Source the
      Primal Unknowing in which all is revealed in One instant... in One
      brief moment when you are not It simply IS... Beyond dispute ...
      the rest is stripped away in less than a heartbeat.... all concepts
      of God as personage or form ... Everything that you thought you knew
      becomes invalid in ONE Moment... and it does not change from that
      moment ever again... What has been and will always BE is KNOWN... if
      the world ends in a moment it doesn't matter for Source IS and you
      are THAT...

      Creation is Beautiful it is only mans ego that destroys and pollutes
      it with his *knowledge* and arrogance... Why is it that there is
      Peace within a still forrest and Majesty within the redwoods?
      because it has not the stench of mans egoistic renderings of
      improving on nature... hahahahahahah i choose the glories of
      nature rather than any of mans handiwork and created buildings which
      he creates as houses of God... the greatest temple is the body of
      man wherein Source dwells yet is seen not due to mans cunning and
      guile in seeing only the limitational form which attempts to boost
      itself through its own inventions... Be still and KNOW that I AM...
      Son of God meeting point - 0 point ... Unmanifest Ever Eternal not
      two - clothed in flesh to play amongst creation which is nothing
      other than Source...

      Love and Blessings shanti shanti Maha Shanti Om ...g...

      i wish that all come to this Peace which is paramount for it is
      not something to strive for later it is NOW...
    • Jeff Belyea <jeff@mindgoal.com>
      ... I m still in. Jeff
      Message 55 of 55 , Jan 8, 2003
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        > > >
        > > True wisdom is not of this
        > > world or any other -- what
        > > the world proffers is
        > > knowledge, data, information.
        > > Wisdom is of an entirely
        > > different ilk, and has
        > > nothing to do with the data
        > > gathering and analysis that
        > > the world rewards. And yes,
        > > the ashram is the world.
        > G: excellent comment... takers anyone?
        > shanti om ...g...

        I'm still in. Jeff
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