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Con Game

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  • judirhodes <judirhodes@zianet.com>
    Hi Judi -- Yes, honesty is crucial, and yours is appreciated. Indeed -- it s where the suffering is going on that one needs to look, because that is what
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2003
      Hi Judi --

      Yes, honesty is crucial, and yours is appreciated.

      Indeed -- it's where the suffering is going on that one needs to look,
      because that is what everyone wants to escape, and it is
      the strategies for escape that distort truth.

      When supposed teachers talk about their bliss and love for
      all, and how to think like them and be like them, it's
      generally a way for them to gain attention and goodies
      by helping others to avoid truth.

      It's a cover-up, a con game
      that can be done at subtle levels as well as
      obvious levels, is deeply imbedded in organized religion
      in general. (Why do you think they call it "organized
      religion"? :-)

      It sells well, it's what people want to hear.

      People want to hear that everything is fine, and someone
      who knows something will guide them.

      They don't want to hear that everything isn't fine,
      and they have to look for themselves.

      -- Dan

      > ********** Good point Brian. Forget about any "end state" and
      just concentrate on who and what you're "doing" now. Like I've said
      how many times, understanding is its own reward.
      > There are no "prizes" to be had and any looking for "prizes" is
      looking in the wrong direction. Like I've been harping on the other
      list, forget all the damn teachers and gurus, they'll have
      chasing "la-la" feel-good bliss of "this" and "that" with all
      their "high and mighty sounding words" right into your death bed and
      you'll still never come to understanding who and what you are.
      > Judi
    • Jeff Belyea <jeff@mindgoal.com>
      Dear Meditation Site Members On the other hand... One of the last things the ego mind wants to admit to is even the slightest possibility that there just may
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 3, 2003
        Dear Meditation Site Members

        On the other hand...

        One of the last things
        the ego mind wants to admit
        to is even the slightest
        possibility that there
        just may be something
        more than they it has
        perceived and learned
        through it's rational

        The very idea
        of something greater
        and grander and more
        consistent than the
        ping-pong know-it-all
        of inner chatter is
        too frightening to be
        faced for most until
        a crisis point comes
        in their lives, or
        a longing that they
        cannot explain draws
        them to seek communion
        with God.

        Yes, I used
        the G word. God. A
        real God of Love is
        available to those
        who seek to know
        of God and come into
        the very throne room
        presence and residence
        of God - in their very own
        heart. We can know and
        be shown plainly of an
        all-pervasive, enveloping
        love as an almost fluid
        medium of new awareness.

        And there are those who
        walk the earth today
        who can attest to that
        and withstand any
        scrutiny. Their knowledge
        and first hand experience
        is never at the mercy
        of argument, and never
        negated by ridicule,
        sneering, snorting or

        This is really the
        crux of the battle.
        God is real or God
        is a figment of a
        bunch of con-men
        and women's imagination
        through recorded
        history. That would include: Moses,
        Abraham, Jesus, Mother Teresa,
        Mohammed, Martin Luther King,
        all the eastern and western
        tradition teachers and oops,
        another G word, Gurus.
        (take your pick,
        insert your own).

        The final refuge of
        the inflated ego is
        the rabbit hole of
        "there's nothing more".

        The ego mind says,
        "Just sit here in front
        of the reflected fire
        and don't leave the
        cave. This is all
        there is, there isn't
        anymore. Life is a
        bitch and then you
        die. People who
        insist on ego and
        nothing more, will
        jump into this rabbit
        hole, even in the
        midst of their utter
        despair. It's better
        than risking "death" of
        their precious concept.

        They've worked it all
        out. They have the
        answers, but in the
        midst of this, they
        snarl and growl in
        the most vulgar and
        threatening of tones.

        The biggest con game
        going is this teaching
        by negation. The lie
        that there's nothing
        more than the thinking
        process and self-worshiped
        ego, and any attempt to look
        beyond your misery and
        suffering for blessed relief
        is a con game - IS the
        con game.

        Any time you read or hear,
        "That's nothing more than..."
        you're being conned by
        the arrogant and fearful
        strangle hold of the ego
        and the author of those
        words. Presumptuous,
        pumped up pride of self.

        They are the most ferocious
        of fingerpointers, seeing
        fraud and greed all around
        them. This is cold fear
        under the surface of their
        accusatory smugness.

        This is what people
        want to hear most.
        "Don't make me give
        up my precious ideas.
        I've got it all figured
        out for myself."

        Look at Mirela. She
        speaks of her misery
        and seeks to know about
        meditation. But anytime
        a post gets too close to
        suggesting that there
        is more than she knows
        now, she gets defensive.
        She is "full already",
        she says.

        And what, for the moment,
        appeals to her most? The
        non-teaching by negation.
        Just settle for where
        you are and don't expect
        anything more. Use your
        precious thinking process
        to figure it all. Go into
        your suffering. At least
        you don't have to
        surrender your ego.
        Your thinking mind
        can understand all
        there is to know.

        This is the biggest
        hide out and the
        most insidious con game.

        This frightened and
        closed off ego that
        insists that is has
        it all figured out -
        just use your thinking
        mind, recoils at these

        (Sorry, little ego. Run
        and hide. You may not
        want to hear this)

        To those who feel lost
        and in despair, troubled
        and lonely, confused
        and guilty, seeking
        peace of mind and
        contentment (take your pick,
        insert your own):

        There are many people now
        alive who are teaching about
        a God of Love that can
        be known, and how this experience,
        this "meeting" will bring
        you a joy unspeakable and
        a peace that passes all
        (former) understanding.
        And this available Truth
        is reported by virtually
        all the spiritual masters,
        and said in many ways in
        many spiritual traditions,
        today and has been said
        throughout recorded history.

        You can KNOW, in your heart,
        through an experience and
        newly acquired understanding,
        often called spiritual birth or
        pure intuitive consciousness,
        enlightenment, awakening,
        nirvana, perfect peace
        (take your pick, insert
        you own) in ways unknown to
        the ego mind and thinking process
        - that there is "within you"
        and available for you to
        apprehend, a spiritual reality,
        a God of Love, a benevolence
        in nature, a guiding light
        that completely blows your
        mind and ends the misery.

        This human experience is
        our rightful inheritance,
        our nature, our natural
        way of being.

        Now, if you are at peace
        and truly fine with who you
        are and where you are in life,
        then fine. Good for you.
        God has blessed you.

        Just don't tell me and others
        who are not so fortunate,
        in your ignorance and
        blindness, that there
        is nothing more. There
        is more and meditation
        can open the door to
        this new awakening.

        It is not about someone
        trying to have you think
        like they think. How foolish
        to make such a statement.
        It's about your own
        personal experience of
        the "kingdom of heaven"
        within you. It is an
        entrance, as if through
        a veil, into a place of
        perfect peace, pure joy
        and perfect harmony.

        This knowledge, this new
        perspective is akin to
        dying to your old self
        and becoming a brand
        new person. Yes, you
        will still face life's
        trials, but with a new
        sense of well-being
        that cannot be disturbed
        by anything in this
        world, at your core.

        Others who have knowledge
        of this beautiful, heavenly,
        blissful, tranquil state
        of consciousness, while in the
        living world; who know this
        transcendent experience
        of being renewed and
        refreshed, achieving
        a whole new perspective
        on life that allows you
        to rise above your
        circumstances, feel
        the loving benevolence
        of a kind creator...
        declare boldly
        that is real.

        One of the greatest
        masters who ever lived,
        and who showed up in
        spirit at my awakening
        said that he would
        baptize some with
        "fire and power to be
        witnesses".. of the Truth
        which he so boldly spoke .

        I am a witness.

        Ping Pong, Ping Pong.

        All in love: blissed out,
        unperturbed, unassailable

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