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So, meditation is...

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  • Athanor
    The Meditation Society of America s goal is to share meditation methods from all traditions. This group is an opportunity to ask and answer questions about
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      "The Meditation Society of America's goal is to share meditation methods from all traditions. This group is an opportunity to ask and answer questions about meditation and discuss experiences. If you gain greater Self Knowledge, inner peace and self control, it will have
      achieved its aim."

      so, as you know, i have been asking around about meditation, and i have below some excerpts from all the answers i have got...
      So, meditation is...
      "It comes and gets you. You don't go get it. Meditation, formal or informal, however, is a beautiful way to attune your receptivity to your natural enlightenment."

      "Gentle people who remember gentle people who offered gentle guidance, especially in the form of meditation techniques, are the most likely to turn to help others - out of the goodness they so gratefully discovered in their own hearts and now recognize in all hearts."

      "Bottom line for me, Merela is that there are two ways OUT:
      1: the big YES
      2: the big NO
      The big YES is the awakening to the fact that you are everything everywhere all the time in the NOW that stretches without dimensions and encompasses even the BEYOND. This is the GENTLE path. The path of self-realization. If this does not work for you, then the big NO, called in yoga 'NETI, NETI,"(not this, not that), is the other path . This is the HARSH path of self-immolation,self-denial, and is celebrated by various well-known religions."

      "Dear Mirela,
      Actually, asking questions in the way that you do is a form of meditation (Jnana Yoga). It is analagous to the method where you ask yourself "Who am I"? The best way to learn about meditation is by meditating. In the 21st Century, millions of people now meditate in
      front of their computer screens instead of in front of an alter."

      "Mirela - The peaceful quiet of meditation opens the door to the real experience of joy -
      a fullness of joy that sees the entire world as if for the first time in every new moment, sees the love and goodness in everyone, delights in a sunrise, a smile, a hug. Bring joy
      to the world, Mirela. There's already enough pain."

      "Ultimately, the guidance is to "go within" and discover what is already there - the kingdom
      within. Meditation is the method prescribed by virtually all awakened teachers. For me, it was a re-awakening in the midst of formal meditation, and so the paradigm in which I "teach" is that our natural state is one of enlightenment and it is a re-awakening that "returns us" to our natural enlightenment and pure joy in living that we knew as a child."

      "Question: How do you realise that THIS is the teacher you've been waiting for? i know that a true teacher does not give paths, techniques or methods on how to live or how to find Truth. That the teacher and the disciple must have a very close relationship, they almost have to be
      as one.
      Answer: Actually, I think that a "true teacher" does "give paths, techniques or methods on how to live or how to find Truth. Through Grace alone, the veil of illusion is ripped asunder, and the infinite, eternal divine reality presents itself. The classic spiritual understanding is that when you need a teacher, the universe will present one to you."

      "So if you're looking for an experience, then get ready to look for the cessation of that experience too!"

      "Knowing is construed as consciousness in this sense which is pure and attributeless."

      "The one that seeks no understanding, "knows" the way...
      The one that seeks understanding, "knows" only the experience"

      "Seeking is certainly a time consuming thing, sometimes an all inclusive ordeal. You seek a teacher, yet you will always be your greatest teacher. Look only to yourself, spend your time learning some tools that work well for you. Breathing, last time I checked was still free, so are thoughts... breath in and out, reflect if your so moved to, live, enjoy and suffer as long as it suits you and above all love (for lack of a better english word) beyond the physical, beyond emotion and you'll want for nuttin!!! "

      "They teach by negation, spewing ridicule at anyone who refuses to be impaled on their thorny
      philosophies - especially one who would speak of going beyond the suffering to peace of mind
      and an experience of pure intuitive consciousness in which love is known. And if such a one
      turns to encourage others to press on with their search, to offer a light along the path,
      well, duck. Their outrage is palable."

      "Ah well, what can a guru who has gone through the suffering and into the light do? Guru!"

      "This is not to say that no experiential sequences are helpful. There are meditation techniques that are helpful. Judi always talks about taking a serious look at what you're doing. Although it's not experiential, there are experiences that you can have that can help one stop thinking that it IS experiential!"

      "I, too, ask them to surrender all concepts, all seeking, all efforts in order to awaken to their "kingdom within". When they hear from a strictly fundamental non-teaching, "just go on with your life, there's nothing to realize, no separate reality, and so on"...while true at the end point, that language leaves many in despair and with no hope. Guiding them through this despair with kindness and compassion (part of the vow is to remember the pain and emptiness before realization), encouraging hope for "a peace that passes all understanding,
      a joy unspeakable" is what an awakened teacher (this awakened teacher) offers to do. Of course, the guidance is only up to the point of complete surrender. From there, it is only up to the seeker and the grace of God."

      "... people like to talk and talk is cheap and timing is the only thing in question. When is your mind ready? Only YOU can answer that one..."

      "...if you really want to know about the state of meditation, i mean first hand, experiential knowledge, not just what you are told or read about it, then you have to have a meditation practice, there really is no way around that. going through life, learning from experiences really isn't enough, no matter how open you think you are."

      "Meditation is a beautiful tool to clear the mind, settle the internal chatter, and find peace of mind. Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened, ask and you will receive the answer. There is a truth that sets you free."

      "When meditation finally worked for me, it wasn't what I'd been taught to expect. The contemplative experience wasn't what the books I'd read on the topic prepared me for, or even what spiritual directors and father masters had promised me in a silence-bound Trappist monastery hidden away in the mountains and dedicated to nothing but the contemplative life."

      " In the contemplative life and the practice of meditation, beginners will do well not to long for visions, levitations, or any other unusual events that tradition calls extraordinary phenomena."

      "YOU WILL KNOW that you have arrived in a contemplative experience when one day -effortlessly and usually unexpectedly- you realize that you chop your wood and carry your water (or, replacing those ancient Zen images with ones of the twentieth century, you balance your checkbook and negotiate your commute) exactly as you did before, but now with the joy of knowing that it is the Source Being doing these things as you. When it dawns on you that the stars are doing your twinkling, you've got the point. When you see it is impossible that you'd ever again take even the subtlest part in bigotry, sexism, or any other illusion of competitive and fear-driven separateness and insecurity, you'll know you have become a meditator and a contemplative."

      "There will be times en route when you will be profoundly absorbed in the spiritual process and will find delight in understanding things more clearly than ever before. Be grateful for
      these insights, but push on. Don't call them the goal. Call them recollection, insight, progress, consolation, but don't think they constitute contemplative enlightenment. That state is not a thing of the intellect, but of the heart and spirit. It's not an insight, but
      an experience."

      "When you feel deep peace, call it peace, not bliss. All meditation is peaceful, but not all peace is the sublime experience of contemplation."

      "You are successful at meditating when you experience your absolute security and abundance and bliss, and your complete identification with all people and all things. You will then
      confidently know, without the possibility of a doubt, that the contemplative experience is yours.In that day your heart will dance, and you will no longer need this book to help you know what to do, or even what not to do."

      "This commentary is about what I call the "Listening Attention," a meditation technique, if you will, which I've found to be a gateway to our Inner Self. The poet John Davis once said he felt the highest meditation was "listening with the eyes." This is a good starting
      definition. Another would be to look with attention, but without interpretation: to listen, the attention turned both inward and outward at the same time, with no thought or expectation. No expectation, judging or defining; no thought, no mind."

      "...technically i cna't tell you other than to say that in yoga one goes from meditaton to comteplation to concentration to total realiztion...or contemplation to meditation to concentration to realiztion..i forget which comes first..medition or contemplation.

      "an individual's effort to dissolve egoic mind."

      "The impossible dream of spirituality"

      "The question you have asked is certainly of great importance because meditation, as such, needs no technique at all. But techniques are needed to remove the obstacles in the way of meditation. So it has to be understoodvery clearly: meditation itself needs no techniques,
      it is a simple understanding, an alertness, an awareness."

      "Meditation is: to stay in what Nisargadatta called the state of no-mind. Consciousness
      resting on consciousness. No effort at all, just plain unfocused Awareness."

      "The problem is the poverty of language. All language, but especially English. So we use the word "meditation" to cover a lot of area that English culture really has no experience or understanding of. So Meditation means both a state -- roughly,unless your use of language is more precise than mine -- and a practice purported to bring one to that state, depending on the speaker, and whom s/he is addressing."

      "One way to focus attention on the silence of the mind is to notice the sound of silence."

      " True meditation to me is the absence of any type of holding in the mind.Truth flows unobstructed, without preference, touches everything on the way and gives them life. Concepts, thoughts are no longer dead, dug out memories of the past, but they are alive, given Life by Truth, with a spark of Joy, carrying the signature of Truth, they become living concepts-- an expression of Reality. In true meditation you don't meditate on an object, or to keep the mind quiet, or to attain something that you don't have and wish to have, but you simply are content to Be. You know that everything in life that you want to have, you actually don't need. You wouldn't trade your Being for any perception that promises you
      fulfillment and happiness. You wouldn't trade Truth for any lie. If you are in a lie, you wouldn't blame your mind or others for it, you wouldn't go to your mind even to fix it, you would be just content being in a lie without further holding. Then you are in Truth. A seeker of Truth is one who covers Truth with agendas and issues. On the other hand, one who is mastered by Truth, lives what he or she knows to be true--even if that knowing is as little as "I don't know" or "I let go" or "I surrender any doing to be..." You do not need to meditate. When you let go of any holding in the mind, you are already in the Heart,
      One with Truth."(this is my favourite!!!!)

      Thank you guys, you are great!!

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