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  • Jeff Belyea <jeff@mindgoal.com>
    ... Hello, again, Mirela - I once read, When the heart speaks, take good notes. As you ve noticed, I openly declare my role as a teacher. And this comes
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2003
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Athanor"
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      > Thank you Jeff,
      > i feel that your words are close to what i feel the meditation is..

      Hello, again, Mirela -

      I once read, "When the heart speaks, take good notes."
      As you've noticed, I openly declare my role as a teacher.
      And this comes under considerable fire in some camps.
      But it becomes more and more obvious that many who
      shows up here posture as "teachers". We have
      different styles and use different paradigms for the
      "teaching" but as the poem goes, "a rose by any another
      name, would it not smell as sweet".

      So, if you'd like to "try a technique", as suggested
      by Sarlo and Greg...here's an excerpt from an
      article I wrote:

      In America, and in many parts of the world, the modern-day sensory
      input overloads us from the moment of birth. Entering into silent
      meditation or an internal experience without the constant chatter of
      internal dialogue or other sensory input is nearly impossible for the
      average person today.

      And our MacDonald's-tempered need for, and expectation of immediate
      gratification has shortened our patience to a nanosecond. How can we
      hope to quiet the mind and enter a place of pure intuitive consciousness?

      Yet, there is a simple way of quieting the internal dialogue. Even in
      the midst of a hustle-bustle of activity we can "enter into" a place
      of internal quiet. We can "allow" ourselves to be gently mesmerized by
      a scene as simple as the steam coming from our morning coffee, the
      view from our office window, watching a sunrise or sunset, kid's
      playing...you get the picture.

      We do this "naturally" several times during any given day or evening.
      By allowing ourselves to be mesmerized, we make a conscious choice to
      be quietly absorbed in the sights and sounds and smells in our
      environment, to the point of experiencing them without describing them
      or connecting them to some memory or current event, and running off
      our internal dialogue.

      The purpose is to quiet the internal dialogue and just experience - in
      a land without words, even if for just a moment or two at first.

      If you will do this simple exercise when it occurs to you, for even
      just brief moments, over the next few days you will begin to feel an
      intuitive stirring, a subtle shift in consciousness that has the
      flavor of a quiet peacefulness. It's a mental break, a gentle tapping
      into intuition.

      This is the beginning of the walk.


      So, if this appeals to you, you can find the entire article with
      follow up meditation techniques included, in the files section. Just
      click on the Files link on the left and open Jeff Epic 1. Natural

      All in love,

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