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Re: [Meditation Society of America] It's A Beautiful Morning

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  • Jeff Belyea <jeff@mindgoal.com>
    ... I suspect that you are talking about something that transcends the feelings, but I m not sure. J: Feelings of peace and joy are attendants at the wedding,
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 3, 2003
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, Gregory Goode
      <goode@d...> wrote:
      > Hi Jeff,
      I suspect that you are talking about something that transcends the
      feelings, but I'm not sure.

      J: Feelings of peace and joy are attendants at the wedding, but not
      the constant, of course. Yes, I refer to something ineffable that
      transcends feelings. When Jesus offered the parable of the sower,
      he spoke of three instances when word of "the kingdom" was received
      with "joy" and then it failed to remain constant. In the forth and
      final instant he speaks of the it being received "with joy and
      understanding," The "understanding" distinction was the one that he
      said would "bear fruit".

      > We also disagree on a matter of style. I hardly ever talk about
      myself or my "attainments" or whatchamacallits.

      I do it as encouragement. The old "if I did it, so can you." I feel
      that speaking from understanding (experiential knowledge) is secure
      and credible, bringing the listener into personal contact with someone
      who speaks of hope for a whatchamacallit from a personal account. As
      you say, stylistic differences only.
      > This leads to the major point of agreement. I fully support what
      you do, teaching within the Christian framework. I think it is
      beneficial to those students, and is probably quite good for the
      tarnished rep of Christianity.

      Thanks. Yes, for me, the bible came alive, and as I read more
      scripture from other paths, I saw distinct and clear parallels.
      The church caused many in the Christian culture to throw out the
      teachings of the Master in their effort to escape the oppressive dogma
      of organized religion. I feel that Jesus never wanted an exclusive
      club at all. He was able to relate to the culture of his time, as he
      openly prayed to a "separate" Father-God, and to moved to a middle
      ground with his declaration as "Son of God, and to the nondual ground
      of "The Father and I are One...If you've seen me you have seen the
      Father." Let me get out of the pulpit here.

      > Then you say, speaking of Greg, Judi and Jason,
      > Where we disagree is
      > on the process of discovery
      > and on the result.
      > To me, they've given up
      > and see that as final wisdom.
      > They only "teach" by negation
      > and even negate any admission
      > of their attempts to teach
      > You hardly know me. Are you saying something about how/whether I
      teach? Would you like some more info about this before you say
      something about how/whether I teach? As I said, I don't talk about
      myself too much, so there's who's to know? You might be pleasantly
      surprised! Don't rely on some sassy comments I might have made on a
      nondualist e-list!

      My apologies. I took too broad a swipe in my passion. I should have
      confined that remark to "many" and not the stereotypical "they". As
      Ben Franklin said, "A man in a passion rides a wild horse." Sorry,
      Greg, I admire your clarity and gentle manner.
      > Love, here in a rainy, sleety NYC,

      Maine awaits in huddled masses. We've just dug out from a blustery one
      on Christmas day, and the weather wizards predict another foot or two
      of snow. I'm rooting for Tampa in the Superbowl. They win. I move
      there. Bob Rose can fly with the Eagles. I'll bask with the bikinis.

      Love and gratitude,

      > --Greg
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