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Enlightenment and Oranges. Mo' myths

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  • Papajeff
    Myth #4 = Enlightenment is nothing special. Recently someone quoted a teacher who expounded about how, Enlightenment is nothing special. The distinction was
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010
      Myth #4 = Enlightenment
      is nothing special.

      Recently someone quoted a
      teacher who expounded about
      how, "Enlightenment is nothing
      special." The distinction was
      made that if someone feels
      and/or talks about being special
      because they have been graced
      with enlightenment, they are
      not enlightened. The distinction
      may be accurate enough, because
      enlightenment brings a profound
      gratitude and humility, but to
      say that enlightenment is
      nothing special is like...

      someone giving a discourse
      on oranges who never tasted
      an orange - they have only
      studied about them and been in
      the company of oranges for so
      long that they feel qualified
      to speak about oranges...

      and they conclude that...

      oranges have no taste. They
      are nothing special. What?!!!!

      Enlightenment is beyond special,
      beyond awesome, juicier than
      the best orange we have ever
      tasted, beyond anything
      we can think or imagine...

      It is incredibly and superbly
      special...a peace that passes
      understanding, a joy beyond
      words, the truth that sets us
      free from fear and doubt and
      shines a whole new light on

      Myth #5

      If you're truly enlightened,
      there is no one left to experience
      the enlightenment.

      This is more neo-advaita shuffling,
      or what is called the mind screw.

      Of course, there is something there
      to experience the enlightenment -
      the new person that enlightenment
      creates, the Self, the One filled
      with joy, who now experiences perfect
      peace of mind, and who is ecstatic
      about the amazing gift that has
      been received, and whose heart
      now swells with love, kindness
      and compassion for everyone -
      because the Self and the potential
      for awakening to Self is seen in
      every other person.

      If there were truly no one there
      to experience the enlightenment,
      there would be no one there to
      make such an absurd statement
      as Myth #5.

      Myth #6

      If someone says they are enlightened,
      they are not.

      With enlightenment comes a compelling
      urge to shout it out and share the
      good news of its delight. Everyone
      who has authentically awakened sees
      enlightenment as the destiny of
      humankind - and knows that they have
      been 'called' to declare it because
      of the thunderbolt of insight that
      comes with enlightenment.

      What do you think Buddha, or Jesus,
      or Ramana would say about this myth?

      This myth is a warped interpretation
      of the statements about the inability
      to express enlightenment in words
      that will convey its truth.

      This cannot be done...anymore than
      anyone can convey the taste of an
      orange in words. But it does not mean
      that enlightenment or oranges have
      not been experienced by those who
      declare to know them - or that neither
      are incredibly sweet.

      By their fruits you shall know them.

      One Sweet Juicy Special Love,

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