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Integration and Re-integration

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  • Papajeff
    We are an integral part of all of nature and all of the cosmos. Our entrance into time and space as a member of the human race necessitates a socialization
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2010
      We are an integral part
      of all of nature and all
      of the cosmos. Our "entrance"
      into time and space as
      a member of the human race
      necessitates a socialization
      and therefore a sense of
      separation and individuation.

      What we gain in awareness
      and self-consciousness is
      offset by what we lose in
      integral awareness. As a
      matter of fact, it is a
      lousy bargain - but one that
      somehow seems a necessary
      passage or grade level in
      this "school" of life.

      While the fact of our integrity
      within All, our Oneness, is
      never lost...our awareness of
      It is. And we go through all
      sorts of mental Olympics in
      an effort to overcome an inner
      emptiness and "Know" this

      But even with what the world
      would call success (on any
      and every level)...in the quiet
      of our own sense of separation,
      we feel the gnaw of something
      missing or something lost, or
      something not quite "right".

      This emptiness will remain
      with us our entire lives,
      fortunately sprinkled with
      moments (sometimes months)
      of worldly and genuine joy,
      unless we turn (change our
      mind - "repent" in dramatic
      terms) and face the feeling
      of emptiness head-on.

      Many, if not most, of us
      do turn to face the emptiness
      over and over, but turn away
      in fear, at a crucial point...an
      understandable turning away.

      We turn back when the emptiness
      beckons from the unknown -
      from what has been called
      in desperate terms, "the dark
      night of the soul."

      We turn back when the separate
      identity with which we have
      become identified and reconciled
      as "us", feels threatened
      with what feels like death
      or extinction.

      With meditation we can enjoy
      an enhanced sense of quiet
      and improved, or at least
      prolonged, peace of mind...
      and handle situations that
      may have been stressful, now
      as a practitioner of the
      meditation lifestyle,
      with greater ease.

      And this is the appeal for most
      people who come to meditation
      class. But on occasion someone
      comes who admits to wanting more,
      wanting to face the emptiness
      and overcome it, and enjoy the
      blissful and perfect peace of
      mind that awakened teachers
      speak of in such glowing (if
      not vague)terms. At least,
      intellectually or emotionally,
      that is what they want to do.

      And while there are many, many
      models or paradigms for moving
      in this direction...they all
      lead to the same place: facing
      what feels very much like
      impending death.

      Here it takes great faith in
      the authenticity of the teacher
      who says, if you are thirsty
      and hungry enough - press on,
      or it takes a desperation so
      intense that we are willing to
      risk our life as we know it...
      and jump into the emptiness...

      to reintegration (or what, to
      our consciousness, feels like
      reintegration) and a welcome
      home into the arms of Love -
      One Love, our True Home.

      One Love,

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