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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Swami Sivananda On Ego

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  • WestWindWood
    Swami Sivananda words are powerful, but getting from one extreme to the other will take decades if not lifetimes to accomplish. For the change to take place,
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 22, 2010
      Swami Sivananda words are powerful, but
      getting from one extreme to the other will take
      decades if not lifetimes to accomplish. For the
      change to take place, though, a person
      is going to have to start looking for answers to
      the problems the Man of Ego is going to
      encounter.  However, until one is ready to pickup
      meditation, the interest just will not there.  No
      teacher could tell the Man of Ego anything;
      however, life certainly can.  Perhaps for some
      meditation is the release from the treadmill of
      desire and aversion, or maybe that life ultimately
      only offers death disease and old age or
      whatever your particular suffering is about.  What
      meditation does can vary, for instance it can
      have a profound influence on the immune system
      because of stress relief, which means that cancer
      or arthritis issues are manageable by some
      meditators, at least that is my personal
      experience, but this is a complex issue involving
      profound self knowledge.  Health issues aside,
      meditation is still about profound self-knowledge.
      There is a cleansing process that takes place
      that involves a daily inspection of the chaos of
      that day.  The thing is that a person wants,
      wants, wants something, a kind of desire and
      grasping, but it would always resolve to a single
      thought, or maybe it can be called a feeling.  The
      inspection is initiated by concentration of mind,
      maybe by watching the breath, the intellectual
      mind takes a breather from the sameness of it
      and the feelings are left to bubble up for
      inspection.  Now what does one do with the
      thought-feeling that resolves to one point for that
      day, because guidance is needed on what to do,
      else exactly the same thing comes back again
      and again with no evolution, what direction can
      be known, to find and undertake the path. Well,
      offer the problem up and hope for enlightenment,
      the wanting to grasp something, to just letting It
      give an answer. Before warned that because
      of the wanting, one can barely do, it almost feels
      like dying because the desire to cling to ones
      propensities is so strong, but by following what
      is supposed to be done while going about ones
      duties, life got slowly betterl. With attention on
      how to change, the personality will evolve and
      the behavior one is supposed to follow will
      change to suit a new phase of development as
      the old way of being, the grasping, drops away.
      If a person follows what that wisdom tells them to
      do, the person eventually evolves towards what
      enlightenment wisdom is and after life times
      merges into it. Peace and relaxation are a result
      of this process and that is good because the
      feelings that come up have to be worked with to
      determine what should be done about ones
      situation and it is going to take some hard work
      to do it, to come up with ways to counter
      negative energy.  It is a good idea to have others
      around you that are trying to accomplish the
      same kind of growth, and most importantly to
      have a teacher to answer questions and guide
      you in your development.

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