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A Toast to Meditation

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  • Papajeff
    Preface: The writing of another book has been in process for almost 10 years. Can t seem to wrap it up. Here s an excerpt about my very first experience in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2010
      Preface: The writing of
      another book has been in
      process for almost 10 years.
      Can't seem to wrap it up.
      Here's an excerpt about my very
      first experience in "formal"
      meditation (after years and
      years of reading, inquiry
      and listening to many

      In the midst of meditation,
      one July day, simply focusing my
      attention on my breathing -
      noticing when I was inhaling
      and when I was exhaling...
      something happened that brought
      John Keats words came to mind:

      I felt like some watcher of the skies,
      When a new planet swims into his ken.
      ––John Keats

      There was no seeking of this
      metaphorical "new planet". What
      swam into my consciousness was
      something brand new, beyond my
      ken before this startling moment.

      In an instant, out of blue,
      in the silence of meditation,
      it was as if a marvelous light
      suddenly came on and in
      one mind-blossoming instant
      removed all fear and doubt
      and darkness within me.
      And what replaced it was
      a perfect peace of mind,
      the likes of which
      I had never known.

      All dark disturbing guilt
      was dispersed in a flash.
      The heavy questions that I
      had dragged around like a
      bag of rocks for years were
      either answered in totality
      or they vanished into nothing.

      A heavy weight was lifted.
      My conscience was reset
      to zero. I was "made whole",
      brand new, cleansed, ecstatic.

      I was enveloped in what I
      can only describe as Divine

      I was on a new planet.

      I could not have sought this
      new event that was to change
      my life ever after; end my former
      life as I knew it. How can one
      seek what is beyond their ken?

      My decision to sit in meditation
      was not prompted by an attempt
      at becoming "enlightened".

      How could I, or anyone
      seek enlightenment before we
      know, experientially, this
      new clarity and understanding
      and realization for ourselves,
      this, "peace that passes
      all understanding," this,
      "joy unspeakable."?

      The purpose of my meditation
      was only to be still and silent,
      to enjoy a relaxing quiet time;
      no goals or expectations other
      than these. I was simply taking
      a break from stress.

      But within this silence arose
      an entirely new "planet" and
      a new "Jeff" now residing on it.

      Now, it may not be meditation,
      necessarily, that opens the
      door to this life-changing event,
      but it certainly is a common thread,
      a common activity, found within
      many reports such as this.

      If meditation is not the key,
      it is at the very least one pathway
      to the doorstep of enlightenment.

      It may be Grace that opens
      the door, yet for me and
      for many others whose report
      I have read, this Grace was
      accessed through the miraculously
      simple art of meditation.

      Don't tell me there's no way,
      no method, nothing to discover.
      True, it is impossible to
      describe the wonder of this
      pot of gold that was
      waiting for me at the end
      (and/or the beginning)
      of this meditation rainbow...
      joyfully discovered on
      that first day, and brand new
      every morning since that
      day. But...

      Meditation is one of the
      most amazing and beneficial
      activities ever devised by
      man, or inspired by God.

      And there is a discovery
      (or rediscovery) to be found
      in the midst (mist) of

      It is my wish that for
      whatever reason you may
      look at meditation and
      want to learn meditation
      techniques, that you
      may be so incredibly blessed
      as to be a watcher one
      starry night, when a new planet
      swims into your inner view.

      And with it, may you fully
      return to what I believe to be
      our natural estate - an
      unshakable knowledge of our
      inseparability from a kind
      creator, a realization that
      our entire being is totally and
      wholly within God, that this
      experience of life is all a play
      of consciousness.

      May you run in a field
      of joy, laugh at the divine
      comedy - come to perfect
      peace - discover your true home.

      If you've been blessed
      with this discovery, there
      is no doubt that you
      you love to share your
      gift in celebration.


      A toast to meditation.

      One Love,

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