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Diviners Sage a Psychoacoustic Emulation and Meditative Intuition Boost

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  • Rae
    Dear fellow Meditation Society of America members, I d like to introduce myself and then share some things that I find important. As a new member I ve really
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2010
      Dear fellow Meditation Society of America members,

      I'd like to introduce myself and then share some things that I find important.

      As a new member I've really begun to enjoy this forum! I've read through a lot of posts and I am seeing that there is good information here with plenty of inspiring people around. I'm glad to have the ability to learn from and contribute.

      I am dedicated to following a path of self discovery and inner exploration, this group seems a good match for my further development. My current path of independent learning follows the lead of entheogenic experiencing with various other enlightening sources such as deep meditation and the contemplation of many different spiritual and philosophical texts and sources. I am glad that this forum here is yet another amazing group that exists for my further understanding and committed development.
      I'd like to share something new with the group for my first post because I think it is important to share new ideas and sources for learning within the related areas. I am sure that my knowledge isn't completely new but I think that sharing something different could be more idealistic instead of something we've already heard before and what has already been posted before.

      A new interest for as of late has been sound frequency entrainment, a concept I am new with but have already begun to include it into my log of practices for enlightenment.

      I know that entrainment techniques are known to the public through modes such as hypnosis but not a lot of people know about the abilities of sound frequency entrainment.

      I don't claim to be an expert so I'd also like to know how many other people here have heard about the many uses of psychoacoustics.

      I've heard it has been used for many years by people within the psychic, scientific and spiritual communities.

      I know that Tibetan monks use musical chanting and instruments to induce meditative states which have been found to contain specific tones and underlying frequencies that people have attributed to varying forms of health and spiritual states.

      I have found that divinatory experiences can be induced with certain plants as with deep meditation and acoustics.

      Some of my favourite music involves the chanting and instrument use of Tibetan monks. Especially when played loud the vibrations from lung chanting can give someone chills and euphoric sensations throughout their body.

      So if anyone knows more about this or any interesting sites where I can find some new and interesting forms within the spectrum of sound vibrations or similar I would love to check it out!

      The music by Phil Thorton… has definitely blown me away as of late.

      Another `artist' who I have found recently has definitely changed the way I `perceive' sounds is the work of a scientist who goes by the name of `Doc Starz'.

      I looked into it and found out where to get some of his work that I happened to stumble across a couple of months ago.

      The scientist claims to have somehow engineered an audio track that has emulated a specific type of sensation experience close to that experienced after ingesting a sacred plant called Salvia Divinorum, through entrainment.

      Entrainment occurs on a deeply vibrating level within our cells and energy bodies...as well as with our brains frequency patterns.

      I have tried Salvia and have compared my experience with the psychoacoustic track and the results actually blew me away. I actually liked the acoustic track better.

      This is where I found the track, http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/SalviaDivinorum_FrequencyEmulation/message/15

      I have done my research and experimenting with entheogens as I mentioned above. It was just plain perfect that there was a sound frequency out there that actually works well and is rendered with the experiential patterns of the strongest hallucinogenic plant on the earth!

      Mesoamericans and many other ancient indigenous tribes used the plant among others to induce sacred and divinatory visions as a form of magic within the spectrums of shamanism and witch doctors alike.

      When listening to this track I definitely felt euphoric sensations throughout my body….and whilst laying down and meditating with the track I started to noticed some really strange and magical effects, the strongest I have found to date.

      I noticed that what I thought to be my imagination at first, which is usually random and involving images of my day to day life or things I had been thinking about or seeing recently, began to formulate and change in a smooth and coherent fashion. The imagery I began to see was very different from my normal day to day imagination as well as my deep meditation visions and entheogen induced ones as well.

      I lay there listening I noticed that I could see visuals in my mind's eye that were barely describable. I have noticed my intuition peaking after working with this particular sound during and after listening.

      The sounds seem to move in tandem with the track. The visuals, for me, lasted throughout the entire ten minutes.

      The sensations I had were like the ones I got from Tibetan meditation music but much more psychedelic and alien sounding.

      I would recommend trying out some deep meditation with this track…because it was definitely not like any other sound entrainment tool that I have come across ever!

      With sound frequency tracks for meditation or with tracks that claim to induce altered states like the more well known binaural beats you're supposed to listen with your full attention preferably. I noticed that I am effected more in a state of deep meditation or at least contemplation.

      This new track that I found though seems to be much stronger than any binaural beat, psychoacoustic or audio therapy track I have ever used before.

      I know that Salvia Divinorum is linked to divinatory experiences and I have tried the actual plant myself.

      Indigenous tribes use music and plants together or separately to induce altered states to connect with their own sense of divinity. And it's obvious that music effects our emotions and even our moods throughout any given situation…just look at how the media and corporations like to try to send us off onto an emotional trip with their supposedly awe inspiring commercials about how much of a sensational experience we're going to get with a car. They use catchy or attention grabbing music to get us to feel and associate with the commercials images to have us buy things that we don't need.

      Even though the modern world has perverted a lot of the more available music to get money out of us…there are still some very free and very real sources out there to get a much deeper level of connection with ourselves and others out there.

      There's a whole arena of different tools for enlightenment and energetic attuning out there to try and I suggest that anyone looking for this kind of experience try these things out!

      The many practices that I use for divination, altered states, and deep meditation all work in relation together for my personal enlightenment and soul searching journeying…into my subconscious.
      I use different techniques to enhance my intuition and connection with the divine. I have noticed and increase in intuitive activity with the use of the one divinatory track that I mentioned.

      It's interesting to compare experiences so I hope that you like the suggestions that I posted up above. The similarities and differences with psychoacoustic renderings can be astounding!

      I'm glad that I can contribute my findings here safely. I will post any other unique things I find as well as insights and information collected here as soon as I can.

      "Each day is a secret story woven around the radiant heart of wonder." – John O'Donohue

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