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  • Papajeff
    Entertain the notion for a minute, that the only reality is our individual consciousness - and that the natural state of our awareness is one of Loving
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7 7:22 AM
      Entertain the notion
      for a minute, that the
      only "reality" is our
      individual consciousness -
      and that the natural
      'state' of our awareness
      is one of Loving Kindness.

      Everything else in our
      perceptual and emotional
      fields,including all
      objects and events, are
      simply a 'magic show'
      of illusion designed
      for our entertainment
      and joy.

      This magic show is so
      compelling that we can
      be tempted to move out
      of our natural enlightened
      and blissful state of
      simply being awareness
      that we enjoyed as a child,
      and hitch a ride on the
      emotional roller coaster
      that reacts to life events
      as though they are real.

      And, like Adam and Eve,
      who ate from the tree of
      the knowledge of good and
      evil (the illusion of good
      and evil) we will begin
      to see 'things' as good
      or bad. When we do that,
      we leave the paradise of
      delightful being awareness
      and become part of the
      world - rather than just
      in it to be entertained
      from an 'audience'

      We also find that the
      roller coaster ride can,
      at times, be sickening,
      saddening and fearful.

      Because, there is a trickster
      in the magic show who
      wants to claim our natural
      enlightenment and trade it
      for an illusion that we
      are part of the show rather
      than witnesses who dwell
      only in the reality of
      quiet awareness.

      It's a lousy trade - and
      unfortunately we are
      encouraged, as part of our
      socialization, to give
      up our lightness of being
      that we enjoyed as a
      child and trade it in
      to be part of the world
      of judgment of good and
      bad, in order to be

      Our life is then spent
      with a sense of loss, of
      a quiet desperation, an
      intuitive stirring that
      something is missing in
      our lives.

      So, we can respond to
      that stirring or we can
      make believe that it's
      not there, and convince
      ourselves that we are
      satisfied with our bigger
      car, house, job, steak,
      salary, and ego.

      And that's fine if that
      works for us. But if we
      find ourself occasionally
      wondering if this is all
      there is...

      The answer is no. There
      is a reality that is our
      natural birthright, awaiting
      our return with open arms.

      There are books by the
      thousands that lure us to
      the illusion of 'success',
      and fortunately there are
      books by the thousands
      that speak to the truth
      of the only reality.

      Meditation is one of
      the tools that can open
      our heart and mind to the
      wisdom contained in the
      writings and speaking of
      awakened 'teachers' who
      have been graced with a
      return to their natural
      enlightenment, and who
      can authentically witness
      to the incredible joy of
      the return.

      When the student (inquirer)
      is ready to receive it, the
      teacher (a person, place,
      event, sunrise..) appears
      with the authentic message:

      We are awareness. Everything
      else is illusion. Realize
      this and a whole new world
      of indescribable joy presents
      itself to us as...

      One Love,

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