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Where does the time go?

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  • Papajeff
    From a cosmic perspective, time doesn t exist. It s a devise we use to explain aging and decay, and the sun rising and setting (which of course, it doesn t do
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2009
      From a cosmic perspective,
      time doesn't exist. It's a
      devise we use to explain
      aging and decay, and the sun
      rising and setting (which
      of course, it doesn't do -
      we spin and orbit instead).

      Ah, let's come back to that...

      The simple (once simplified)
      theory of relativity is that
      time goes slowly when we
      are not enjoying whatever is
      happening, and time goes
      fast when we're having fun.

      When we bring meditation
      into the time mix, something
      else happens. It's called
      efficient productivity,
      and it can even extend to
      effortless efficient

      What happens is that as
      we more and more adopt the
      meditative lifestyle (or
      maybe more accurately -
      as it adopts us) we find
      our mind less distracted
      with internal chatter, and
      a lot less of "should I or
      shouldn't I do this or
      that, now or later, this
      or that way.."

      Instead, we move to right
      action (good karma - but
      that a whole other story)
      trusting our spontaneous
      good judgment, unhurried,
      and efficient in our actions -
      both choice of action and
      our physical movement (another
      whole story).

      And what we find is a
      surprising amount of
      productivity in a compacted
      amount of time. By productivity
      is meant completion of to do
      lists and cleaning up "old"
      tasks that have been hanging
      around in the backroom or
      our mind for too long.

      Maybe it comes down the
      fact that as we live more
      and more in the meditative
      lifestyle, everything we
      do (well, almost everything -
      we are still in the world)
      becomes fun and effortless.

      A time of meditation practice -
      sitting in "formal" meditation
      has a residual effect of
      a quiet mind - more and more
      as we continue in meditation
      and experience how joyful
      and peaceful living efficiently,
      effortlessly and productively
      can really be.

      And the "peak experience"
      of meditation gives this
      another dimension of meaning...

      But that's another story.

      One Love,

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