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Re: i started meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    ... Yo Devin, There is no doubt that you will be experiencing many new and varied things as you continue to meditate. As was mentioned in another post,
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      "hitedevin88" <hitedevin88@...> wrote:
      > i have been meditating for 2 days. 20 minutes a day.
      > listening to music, relaxing music.
      > i feel the breath getting shorter and shorter when im doing it.
      > and i had a little flash of white light. which im not sure about, the lights were off. and eyes were closed.
      > also. does this get easier the more you do it? i havent felt any tension release while doing it. and a video i watched says you start to feel iching sensations or pain, which i have felt neither.
      > can anyone explain a little bit of this to me?
      Yo Devin,
      There is no doubt that you will be experiencing many
      new and varied things as you continue to meditate. As
      was mentioned in another post, sometimes music can be
      a help in getting into a meditative mode, but it can
      also be a distraction. Here's an article that I think
      originally appeared in our newsletter, The Inner Traveler.
      I think its main idea is that we need to keep focused.
      I hope the concepts it shares will be beneficial towards
      that (wonder-full) end (and beginning).
      Pleasant Meditation Distraction Traps
      The more you meditate, the more meditation can
      become the most interesting thing you ever and
      never imagined. This is because your mind will
      present incredible things to distract you in its
      effort to remain your master, and you its slave.
      There is a scientific reality and perspective
      that states that we are not what our limited
      senses perceive. For instance, we aren't "really"
      solid. It just seems that way because that's the
      way our eyes work. We are atomic and pre-atomic
      energy in motion. If we had Electron Microscope
      and Hubbell Telescope quality vision, it would
      be apparent that we are infinite in nature and
      taking part in a never-ending interaction with
      everything everywhere. We are not lone drops apart
      from the ocean, but rather a part of the ocean.
      So, it seems we are hard wired, or were wired
      early in life, to buy into an illusionary perception
      of our environment. Our mind's impressions have
      completely dominated our view of who we are, and
      what reality is. And so, our initial attempts at
      meditation can by quite disappointing, and it
      may seem that all we can do is react in habitual
      fashion, and are unable to achieve a consistent
      focus on what wee intend to pay attention to.
      Initially, your mind may be able to distract you
      by something as simple as an itch, a memory, a
      feeling of happiness, etc. But as you get steadier
      in your meditation, and don't react to your
      sense perceptions, memories, emotions, and so
      on, your mind will loose its grip, and reality
      will present itself. And you will feel, see, and
      know the awe of transcendent in-sight. Often,
      your mind will then try to distract you, and
      regain the mastery over you, by letting you see
      more and more spectacular visions and have more
      and more seemingly evolving understandings. That
      awareness within, that is ever-present, and
      silently perceives all the changes your mind,
      body, and emotions put you through is your
      inner Witness, and that is your Real Self. Your
      mind's game plan is to keep you in a state of
      "Gee Whiz!!!" and not recognize what is ever
      before you, and that is your oneness with your
      Witness and its oneness with all and everything.
      That Realization comes from Grace and Grace
      alone. It is not a byproduct of meditation, but
      there may be no better way to remove the
      obstacles that delay this awakening than
      meditation. So, enjoy the inner and outer light
      shows, the arm (and even whole body) levitations,
      and so on, but don't get caught in the "seeking
      after more and more spectacular versions of them"
      trap. The first two steps in meditation are
      dispassion and discrimination. Seek what is
      eternal, not transitory; the essence, not the
      superficial. This is discrimination. And don't
      get wound up with too much jubilation when you
      have beautiful visions, or disappointment when
      you don't. This is dispassion. Sit in meditation
      without expectation. Simply Witness. When not
      sitting in meditation, witness your life as an
      ongoing meditation. Persevere. The universe and
      its source and support will presently present
      you with the ultimate present. And You will be
      present. And you will live happily ever after.
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