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The Mystic Kitchen

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  • Papajeff
    Welcome to the Mystic Kitchen Today we are going to bake some Mystic Muffins... We ll need some flour, baking soda, baking powder, milk, a pinch of salt, sugar
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2009
      Welcome to the Mystic Kitchen
      Today we are going to bake
      some Mystic Muffins...

      We'll need some flour, baking
      soda, baking powder, milk, a
      pinch of salt, sugar (or other
      sweetener), some fresh fruit of
      our choice cut in small chunks
      (apple, blueberry, banana...)
      and...an egg.

      Wait a minute...

      This is The Mystic Kitchen.

      We cannot use just any egg.
      To make Mystic Muffins we
      will need to find a very
      special egg.

      This egg is huge - about
      25 feet high, and it is
      a blue-white transparent
      cosmic egg.

      Well, we aren't going to
      use this mystic egg in the
      actual recipe, but we will
      have to find the cosmic egg
      before we can make authentic
      Mystic Muffins.

      OK, maybe we should back
      away from the oven for a
      minute or so, and listen
      to (read) a little background
      story of The Mystic Muffin.

      Keep in mind an obvious truth:
      If you are going to bake a
      successful muffin (anything,
      for that matter) you must
      follow the recipe and use
      the ingredients in the proper
      amounts and at the right time...

      and bake at the right temperature
      for the right amount of time.

      That's a lot of precision
      required for success in
      the kitchen.

      And, of course, there is that
      special ingredient known as
      "cooking with love."

      This is especially true in
      The Mystic Kitchen...so....

      before going back to baking
      The Mystic Muffin, let's
      review the "ingredients" or
      the prerequisites to becoming
      a successful cosmic chef:

      It begins with simple quiet
      awareness - taking a moment
      to tune into our present
      environment, making mental
      and visual note of where we
      are in time and space, quietly,
      silently. Simply that. Quiet

      Next, to help sustain the
      quiet awareness, we move our
      conscious attention to our
      breathing. While still remaining
      quietly aware, we follow the
      rhythm of our breathing -
      noticing when we inhale and
      noticing when we exhale. We
      do this silently and gently.

      The third step, while maintaining
      the quiet awareness and breath
      awareness is to listen. Just
      listen, quietly, silently. Listen
      for 'something that flows with
      our breathing. Listen as if an
      incredibly soft whisper were
      contained within our inhalation.

      As we inhale and feel the subtle
      vibration of incoming air the
      rising of our chest as our lungs
      fill with air...listen for a
      wisdom whisper from the heart.

      The heart whispers a message
      with each breath, but unless we
      are absolutely silent, and our
      mind is absolutely still, we
      miss it.

      Sometimes it helps to silently
      think of a mantra to repeat for
      a while to help settle the mind
      that is so used to chattering.

      The Mystic Heart Meditation
      mantra is "Q'Baha". Think Q
      (for Quiet Awareness) on the
      inhale and BaHa for the slow
      and gentle exhale.

      Repeat this for a while and
      then simply quietly, silently
      follow our breathing for a
      time. And eventually even the
      following of our breathing
      will fade and we will settle
      meditatively in silent listening
      for the wisdom whisper.

      This is an incredibly subtle
      balancing routine, because the
      thinking mind will want to
      narrate the event, and as soon
      as it does we have burst the
      bubble of absolute silence.

      But stay with it. We still
      have an egg to find. Remember?

      There are 'advanced' methods
      to help achieve this subtle
      and delicate balance. One
      can be used at anytime, while
      we are active or sitting (or
      laying down) quietly. This
      is to roll our tongue back
      and gently 'point' it to
      the roof of the mouth.

      The second advanced technique
      can be used in two different
      ways. One, if we are active
      and need to keep our eyes open
      and the other when it is OK
      to close our eyes for a time.

      The eyes-open technique is
      to imagine that instead of
      seeing with our two eyes, we
      'see' as if we we looking
      out from a spot just above
      the center of our eyebrows.

      And, actually, the eyes-closed
      technique is the same.

      OK, there are the prerequisites.
      These 'ingredient's - Q'Baha
      with tongue and eye techniques
      must be used in the correct
      order. (And as a side note to
      what is becoming a very long
      post: These techniques are
      like learning to drive a car.
      They will require conscious
      attention for a time, but
      over time will just be an
      automatic part of the meditative
      lifestyle without even having
      to thing of them. More later.)

      So, here we are, ready to go
      back to the kitchen. Wait!
      Not yet. There's one more

      You will not be able to go
      into The Mystic Kitchen or
      be able to bake authentic
      Mystic Muffins until you have
      found the huge, blue-white
      cosmic egg.

      Well, actually, you don't
      find it...it finds you while
      you are in the absolute and
      utter silence, listening for
      the wisdom whisper that
      announces its presence.

      You know if you have found
      it, and you know if you have
      not. If you have, you know
      that you are required to bake
      some Mystic Muffins to share.

      To have found it, is to know
      that once found, you are
      absorbed in it, merged into
      it, and come to realize that
      you ARE the cosmic egg, and
      now enjoy perfect peace of
      mind and the transcendent
      wisdom required to bake
      authentic Mystic Muffins -
      and this needs no further
      explanation for you.

      If you have not found it,
      stay on The Mystic Path. If you
      are genuinely interested in
      baking some Mystic Muffins,
      wait patiently. You will soon
      be invited into The Mystic

      Cooking with One Love,


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