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Re: Recovery

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Yo Papjeff, Thanks for sharing this. As I recently mentioned, I had received several emails that I think were in part in reaction to the post about Features
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29 4:38 PM
      Yo Papjeff,
      Thanks for sharing this. As I recently
      mentioned, I had received several emails
      that I think were in part in reaction to
      the post about "Features of a Mystical
      Experience" http://tinyurl.com/yzej4ln
      that detailed the characteristics
      of an "Enlightenment" experience. The emails
      made clear that what the writers were seeking
      from meditation was much more in line with
      being able to deal with work stress, touchy
      interpersonal relationships, bad health,
      overreacting to things, and other issues much
      more common to everyday life events than to
      cosmic insights and bliss-full sensations.
      No doubt that meditation offers this to all,
      as well as the potential for extra-ordinary
      cosmic consciousness experiences, as your
      insights point to so clearly.
      Thanks again.
      Peace and blessings,
      "Papajeff" <jeff@...> wrote:
      > One of the many benefits
      > of living a meditative
      > lifestyle is that when
      > one of life's curve balls
      > throws us off balance,
      > we recover much more
      > quickly.
      > This is true if we are
      > literally thrown off
      > balance moving out of
      > the way of a baseball
      > being hurled at us, or
      > if it is an emotional
      > curve ball that has
      > thrown us off balance.
      > A person who is accustomed
      > to an inner quiet as a
      > 'default' way of being
      > is both more physically
      > gracefully (really!) and
      > emotionally graceful.
      > So, recovery time is
      > dramatically quicker for
      > the person who meditates
      > and has adopted a meditative
      > lifestyle.
      > Events that may have
      > caused us to 'stew' for a
      > long time and keep rehashing
      > the event either in our
      > own mind or in complaining
      > conversation with other
      > people (or both), after
      > adopting a meditative
      > lifestyle, are much more
      > easily dismissed.
      > We react, we feel the
      > impact, but then recover
      > and move on without all
      > the emotional residual
      > that 'normally' haunted
      > us before we began to
      > meditate.
      > Having used the phrase
      > 'the meditative lifestyle'
      > a couple of times may
      > require a brief explanation
      > of what is meant:
      > Meditation is not simply
      > setting aside time to
      > 'formally' meditate in a
      > quiet place. Meditation
      > is a lifestyle.
      > As we begin to regularly
      > meditate we find that the
      > inner quiet becomes more
      > and more a part of our
      > everyday way of being -
      > rather than the almost
      > constant inner chatter
      > that the ego prefers.
      > The implications of this
      > are many. For example, one
      > of the changes we find is
      > that we now find ourselves
      > more and more 'in the
      > moment' - and enjoying
      > being there, simply for
      > the peaceful contentment
      > of it.
      > The result of this is
      > that when we are engaged
      > in any activity...such
      > as doing the dishes, for
      > instance, we now simply
      > enjoy the process - rather
      > than finding it (anything)
      > a 'chore' that we rush
      > through to go to something
      > more enjoyable.
      > For a person who has adopted
      > a meditative lifestyle, life
      > is enjoyable and effortless
      > moment to moment, with rare
      > exception.
      > It's all...
      > One Love,
      > Jeff
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mysticheartmeditation/
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