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FROM THE HEART of meditation

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  • Papajeff
    FROM THE HEART http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mysticheartmeditation/message/520 If one professes openly to having heard the wisdom whisper from the heart,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2009

      If one professes openly
      to having 'heard' the
      wisdom whisper from the
      heart, maybe they could
      talk (write) a bit about
      what it 'says'.

      The problem is that words
      are not adequate to convey
      the 'message', but here's
      an attempt to paint this
      abstract picture and give
      it a glimmer of meaning...

      The wisdom whisper says -
      out of the utter silence:

      Come into the presence
      of ultimate reality - the
      very presence and residence
      of a unique 'being' some
      call God, or Lord, or Law -
      but the word is beside the

      Coming into the presence
      is to be confronted with
      'something' so powerful and
      so beyond anything ever
      thought or imagined, and so
      greater than a personal
      identity, that it is shocking
      and comes as a sudden rush
      of new awareness. But there's
      much, much more.

      The effulgent presence is
      filled with the most beautiful
      light, and as one enters the
      light, the body presence is
      lost. Still the mind 'hears'
      that the personal identity
      is loved (and waves of nearly
      intolerably pleasant love
      wash over and over the new
      consciousness) and known
      and is divinely guided.

      With the washing over of love,
      all emotional baggage is
      dissolved, as is all guilt,
      all remorse, all shame.

      All that remains is this
      cradling, engulfing, enormous

      And next, what were the few remaining
      remnants of personal identity
      now dissolve into the light.

      All sense of time becomes meaningless
      and irrelevant in this light. There
      is no 'time'. There is only the
      eternal moment.

      Yet there is conscious awareness...

      And it seems that this awareness
      is itself now all-encompassing.

      The 'view' (for some accompanied
      by flashing lights and colors)
      is as if looking out over the
      entire universe. A startling
      rush of wisdom brings a sense
      that all is known. There is
      an impossible-to-explain sense
      of how 'everything' works and
      how all the interconnectedness
      of the universe is perfectly
      order. It is a stepping into
      perfection and an unassailable
      peace of mind.

      The residual effects of the
      wisdom whisper go on and on.

      To touch upon a few:

      The 'person' who heard the
      wisdom whisper no longer exists.
      Hold on. It will make sense.

      A realization that what was
      previously considered "I' or
      a personal identity was really
      a secondary sense of reality -

      and now having heard the whisper
      of transcendence, a new reality -
      a primary reality is known.

      This primary reality is 'home'.
      The day-to-day reality of material
      existence is incredibly enhanced,
      but at the same time is seen as
      what some traditions call 'illusory' -
      and as previously mentioned, is
      known as secondary to the new
      sense of awakened being.

      This new reality is now clearly
      recognized as what Ramana Maharshi
      called the "I-I', Buddha called
      the emptiness that is not nothing,
      Jesus called the kingdom of heaven
      within, and Carlos Castenanda
      called a separate reality. (To name
      a few).

      The words of the mystics (Rumi's
      poetry) and all scripture come
      alive with meaning.

      And back in the world (which one
      is now in, but not of) everyone
      is seen in a new loving light. It
      is recognized that the presence of
      this enlightenment is within everyone,
      and everyone who awakens sees the
      ultimate destiny of humankind as
      coming to this awakening.

      OK, hope this gives you a glimpse
      and/or a sweet reminder of the
      exquisite beauty of the effects
      of the wisdom whisper.

      One Love,

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