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Re: Meditation Is About More Than Stress

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  • mindgoal
    ... Thanks, Bob. My experience is similar in that the stated purpose for taking a meditation class is most often about stress and how to better deal with
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5 11:50 AM
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Over the many years we have held meditation
      > classes, we always start the 1st class by asking
      > the students why they are taking the course.
      > Invariably, the great majority would cite
      > a need to be able to deal with stress better.
      > My estimate is between 70% and 80% would
      > answer this way, and 10-20% would say that
      > their physician or therapist recommended it to
      > them. We also always seemed to have a husband
      > or wife or 2 who were there just because their
      > spouse was taking the course. And we usually had
      > several who had been "into" meditation for years,
      > or were repeating the class, sometimes for years.
      > What was unusual was that usually only one
      > or two out of a class of 25 would say they were
      > there to help them get enlightened. Not to brag,
      > but to be informational, I want to share that
      > each Adult Education program we taught for
      > requested the students to evaluate the class
      > right after the last (10th) one, and we always
      > 100% of the time received "Excellent" ratings.
      > And this is due to the content and experiences
      > that each class contained. And nothing in any
      > way was "new under the sun". Each guided meditation
      > and each "how-to" lesson and each concept was
      > ancient in origin and we were just spinning it
      > in 20th and 21st century American-english with
      > a Philly accent. And those who came with no
      > previous experience did gain hands-on 1st hand
      > handy methods that they could apply to their
      > lives immediately and ever after that did help
      > them deal with stress, or deal with their
      > physical, emotional, or mental dis-ease. So,
      > please don't get the impression that getting
      > Enlightened/Realized/Cosmic Conscious, etc., is
      > what meditation is about. If that happens, fine!
      > But what I feel matters is that there is no doubt
      > that when you meditate you will suffer less in
      > many ways and deal with your life better and better.
      > For sure, it is the best thing you can learn and do.
      > It will "work" (bring you peace) 100% for sure...
      > if you actually meditate. Talking about it, reading
      > about it, writing about it, etc., may or may not
      > lead to anything, but actually meditating will.
      > Here on this forum we are blessed with having very
      > wise people sharing deep and important insights, and
      > they are often aimed at those who are trying to
      > "get Enlightened". And that is an amazing treasure
      > worth more than gold or diamonds, but please don't
      > get the impression that if you seek meditation
      > knowledge for less lofty aims, there is something
      > lacking in you or in what meditation can do for
      > you. All you have to do is meditate.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob

      Thanks, Bob. My experience
      is similar in that the stated
      purpose for taking a meditation
      class is most often about stress
      and how to better deal with
      stressful situations or feel
      less stress in general.

      As well, many come to meditation
      as a goal achievement strategy
      to help them relax and gain
      clarity and motivation to achieve
      their goals. Many people use
      meditation as a relaxation
      technique to replace smoking
      or overeating, and a good number
      of clients use meditation for
      sports performance improvement.


      from my perspective, in many
      cases, the stress reduction and
      habit control or even the goal
      achievement interests are the
      vinear issues covering a deeper
      existential angst - a feeling
      of separation and intutive
      stirring (longing) for connection
      to something in life - a search
      for inner peace and a more
      heartfelt connection to the
      living experience (which often
      comes up after the initial
      class or two, especially in
      one-on-one meditation sessions)...

      which might be called...

      Awakening, Enlightenment,
      Self-Actualization, Self-
      Realization...and a host
      of other labels, depending
      on culture and tradition.

      All models (paradigms) for
      the same...

      One Love,

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