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What's on your mind?

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  • mindgoal
    In the various social media on the internet there are soft questions that serve as provocation to enter a discussion, i.e., What s on your mind? or What are
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2009
      In the various social media
      on the internet there are
      soft questions that serve
      as provocation to enter a
      discussion, i.e., "What's
      on your mind?" or "What are
      you doing right now?".

      What if there is nothing
      on your mind, and you are
      not doing anything? This may
      seem impossible to imagine...

      because even entertaining
      the thought is doing something
      and thinking something.

      And even though we know that
      we have an identity, a being,
      apart from our thoughts and
      actions, we have been
      programmed to identify our
      very being with thinking and
      doing, for the most part.

      So, what would it be like
      to not think - not have anything
      on our mind? We may imagine
      a boring stillness or dull
      emptiness, or think that
      to not be thinking, we would
      have to be asleep (even
      though dreaming imposes on
      that idea) or at the extreme,

      But in the yogic traditions,
      and in especially in Buddhism,
      the 'call' is to enter a place
      of emptiness, or no mind, or
      beginner's mind as a step
      toward or prerequisite to
      awakening and enlightenment.

      'The emptiness that is not
      nothing,' is a Buddhist nugget.

      To the linear, rational mind,
      this does not compute, but to
      those who report authentically,
      this emptiness that is not
      nothing is absolutely blissful.

      The techniques of meditation
      are universally aimed at quieting
      the mind and entering a place
      of focused stillness - until
      the focused part dissolves,
      and only stillness remains.

      It is out of this stillness
      that we are able to 'enter'
      an awareness or level of
      consciousness that is impossible
      to report in words. It is
      'beyond' mind, and to those
      who have entered this place,
      it leaves a permanent impression.

      The last thought, in many
      attempts at reporting (there
      are volumes - including many
      of the past posts here) what
      happens in the stillness, is...

      'This is not my rational mind.'

      What happens seems to come
      without thought - as a rush
      of sudden insight and wisdom,
      an entrance into an entirely
      new realm of consciousness
      about the life experience
      (and for many a convincing
      'look' into what lies beyond
      this life).

      Some even go so far as to call
      the quiet and undisturbed way
      of being as 'ordinary mind' -
      which would seem to suggest
      that we spend a great deal of
      time (some their entire lives,
      once the socially coerced
      'program' of relying totally
      on rational process and denying
      the possibility of any other
      way of experiencing reality
      is in place) absorbed by
      thoughts and feeling absolutely
      freaked out at the suggestion
      that there is any other way
      to 'be'.

      What is considered ordinary,
      from an enlightened perspective,
      is actually a distortion, and
      that the truly ordinary mind
      is at peace and lives with
      quiet, exquisitely peaceful
      equanimity. And even the
      'doing' is without a doer,
      from this new perspective.

      And those who experience
      this level of consciousness
      are convinced that it is
      available to all who feel
      an intuitive stirring to
      explore the possibilities.

      So, what do you think?

      One Quiet Love,

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