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Re: You Are Everything/Sorry for the misspell, Stylistics

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  • mindgoal
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2009
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "mindgoal" <jeff@...> wrote:
      > You may be familiar with the song
      > from The Stylistics, a few years ago,
      > with the chorus and fade out line:
      > You are everything and everything is you
      > You are everything and everything is you
      > You are everything and everything is you
      > ...
      > When we talk about yoga and meditation -
      > these words ARE yoga, the union, the end
      > of a sense of separation and duality, and
      > entrance into nonduality, in which the
      > chorus words become our experiential
      > reality.
      > As soon as we entertain the possibility
      > of the truth of these words, we are
      > entering the world of the yogi (and
      > yogini). The heartfelt experience of
      > the truth of these words comes along
      > next - for some quickly, for others
      > after considerable practice and
      > guidance. But for anyone whose heart
      > resonates with these words...the
      > truth of them comes.
      > When our consciousness level absorbs
      > (or maybe 'presents' is a better word)
      > this truth, our entire worldview
      > changes.
      > An incredible grace, a sense of abiding
      > love for...everyone and everything
      > settles into our everyday reality.
      > And from here, a door can open that is
      > no less than full awakening and realized
      > enlightenment. Sometimes this awakening
      > immediately follows the Oneness grace,
      > and sometimes it takes guidance from
      > an authentic teacher and practice in
      > meditation.
      > With realization the Oneness awareness
      > is enhanced with perfect peace of mind
      > and utter tranquility - a life without
      > fear and doubt, and absolute acceptance
      > of all that happens in life with
      > complete equanimity - aka enlightenment.
      > In The Mystic Heart Meditation, we
      > practice quieting the mind and using
      > breath awareness to sustain the quiet
      > mind, and when we are ready and steady
      > in our practice, we move to loving
      > awareness and into a mystical
      > life-changing experience.
      > Loving awareness can be a purposefully
      > chosen awareness, but the deep authentic
      > reality of natural loving awareness,
      > is called, in the Mystic Heart Meditation,
      > Heart Awareness.
      > Heart Awareness is that consciousness
      > level where we 'hear' a wisdom whisper
      > from the heart, and are granted the
      > grace of Self-Realization, with which
      > the 'Knowing' of the chorus words ring
      > in our heart with absolute clarity.
      > You are everything and everything is you.
      > Namaste.
      > One Awakened Love,
      > Jeff
      > Mystic Heart School of Meditation
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mysticheartmeditation
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