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    ... From our web site where we share this How to about the Mantra OM, but also contains much about mantras in general:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25, 2009
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      > Can anyone direct me to any info on mantras. The use of them, impoprtance of them, and some suggested mantras.
      From our web site where we share this "How to" about
      the Mantra OM, but also contains much about mantras
      in general:

      Every vibration has a corresponding sound and
      everything in the universe has a vibration and
      thus a sound. Each atom, molecule, cell, object,
      group of objects, even the entire universe, has
      its own collection of vibrations and unique sound.

      When you chant a mantra, you merge with the
      sound vibration and become at one with the energy
      wavelength of the object of your mantra. Mantra
      chanting makes you at one with everyone,
      everywhere who is chanting that mantra and
      with everyone who has ever chanted the mantra.
      All the saints who have ever reached enlightenment
      through the technique of chanting that mantra
      connect with you as you connect with the vibration
      of the mantra. You merge with their essence
      which has been purified and is holy and you
      become pure and holy because that divine level
      of existence vibrates only with holiness, peace,
      and bliss.

      By chanting a mantra, your cells, molecules, atoms,
      and sub-atomic particles all vibrate in the same
      wavelength as the mantra. Once attuned with this
      vibration you connect with everything resonating
      on that plane of existence. It's like tuning a
      radio. At first you may get static, but once
      you are in the right frequency your reception
      is perfect. Om is the universal sound. It is
      within every word and within everything. So when
      you chant Om, you merge with all energy and
      all forms, from the sub-atomic to the universal,
      from the most gross to the most divine. And
      when you are tuned in perfectly, you will receive
      holy frequencies clearly and merge and emerge
      at one with the source of all and live happily
      ever after.

      Many meditation teachers suggest that it is
      necessary to understand every intellectual
      aspect of the meaning of the mantra that is
      being practiced, but just as many others feel
      that the intellect may tend to confuse and
      hold back spiritual progress. What both types
      of teachers agree on is that mantras have the
      potential to take practitioners to the level
      of consciousness that transcends the limitations
      of the mind by a billion-fold. There is an
      ancient tale that very well shows that true
      devotion and complete absorption are the key:

      Once upon a time in a land far away lived a poor
      uneducated, mentally challenged man who tended a
      herd of cows for his master. He happened upon a
      meditation teacher and was very taken with his
      calm, loving, gentle and happy nature. He decided
      he wanted to know that experience first hand.
      And so he went to the teacher and begged him to
      teach him a way to achieve the inner peace that
      radiated so obviously from the teacher. The
      teacher accepted him as his student but quickly
      found that the man couldn't understand any of
      the philosophical points he was making and as
      a matter of fact couldn't even remember the
      mantra Om when he tried to teach it to him.
      The teacher lovingly said, "My oh my, you don't
      seem to know anything at all, can't be taught,
      and can't remember anything. You are devoted
      and sincere in your desire to gain happiness
      though, so I will try to help you. My son,
      what do you know?" The man said, "Oh great
      teacher, the only thing I know is cows. All
      my life I've spent caring for cows, making
      sure they graze, are milked, and are kept
      clean. Yes, for me, everything is cows."
      "Well, that's alright," said the teacher,
      "then you know what sound the cows make."
      "Oh yes," said the man, "they say moo."
      "Very well then," said the teacher, "for
      you, moo will be your mantra. All you have
      to do is say moo continually and you will
      reach freedom from suffering and know real
      bliss." So the man chanted moo, moo, moo
      when he took the cows out to graze and he
      chanted moo, moo, moo when he milked them,
      and he chanted moo, moo, moo when he cleaned
      them. He chanted moo all the time and very
      soon merged with that vibration, which is
      Om backward, and reached the highest heights
      of joyous understanding and lived happily
      ever after.

      From this story, we learn that it is virtually
      impossible to chant Om "wrong". It is, after
      all, an insentient sound. But the giver of
      this sound to the universe knows the intention
      and devotion of the practitioner and that is
      by what we will be rewarded. It is said that
      one minute of sincere chanting is superior
      to a thousand hours of mere sounding of the
      words. A parrot can be taught to recite a
      mantra but this will be just mere vibrations
      in the air. It is the love and worship behind
      the sound that counts. Technically though,
      there is a "correct" way to chant Om. It is
      made up of three letters: A, U, M. These
      contain all the sounds there are. The A is
      guttural and comes from the throat. It is
      pronounced without any part of the tongue or
      palate in contact. The U sound comes from the
      middle of the sounding board, the palate. In
      Sanskrit, the A and U join together to become
      O. The O sound is vibrated from the navel/
      solar plexus area and sent up to the sternum
      to the voice region, the lips, where the M sound
      is prolonged and vibrated up to the crown of
      the head. This vibrating M is felt in every
      cell of the body and is beamed out lovingly,
      soothingly, powerfully, to everything,
      everyone, everywhere. Intellectually and
      metaphysically, A stands for the physical
      world perceptible to the senses, the material
      world. U represents the astral and dream
      planes, heaven and hell. M is the unknown,
      deep sleep, and that which is unfathomable
      to the intellect. Thus Om contains the entire
      spectrum of sound, words, worlds, and concepts.
      Om represents the source of all light, love,
      and wisdom.

      There are three ways to do mantras - aloud,
      silently but while mouthing or humming the
      mantra, and completely silently within oneself.
      When done aloud and particularly when done
      with others, the sound of Om is energizing,
      calming, and healing. Although it is often
      encouraged to do your mantra all the time,
      it would certainly be questionable to consider
      chanting Om aloud in the middle of a board
      meeting. Similarly, it may be preferable to
      do Om silently just by moving your lips if
      you are in a movie theater. Chanting Om
      completely silently is considered the most
      potent method because it is not dependent
      on having a human voice box, or lips, or
      facial muscles, all of which are temporary
      manifestations compared to the billions of
      years you will be fully at one with Om. It
      is advantageous to spiritual development to
      consider the theological, philosophical and
      mystical aspects of Om while chanting with
      your physical eyes closed, looking through
      the third eye, and paying attention to your
      breath. This may seem complex and complicated,
      but once in synch, it happens naturally as
      Om reveals itself, your Real Self, to you.
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