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Thinking, but nothing's happening

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  • Jeff Belyea
    There s a line from Curly, of The Three Stooges, that at first sounds just funny and silly: I m thinking, but nothing s happening. At second glance, this is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2009
      There's a line from Curly,
      of The Three Stooges, that
      at first sounds just funny
      and silly:

      "I'm thinking, but nothing's

      At second glance, this is
      the meditative state in
      which a profound peace of
      mind can be experienced.

      When we go into quiet awareness,
      we are attempting to settle
      into a time of pure being without
      the internal chatter (thinking).

      If you have tried just simply
      being quietly aware of where you
      are in the present moment and
      just noticing your environment
      without internally narrating -

      you've noticed that it only
      takes a brief moment of that
      quiet awareness for the body
      to noticeably release a great
      deal of tension. It seems that
      when the mind if quiet, the
      body is quiet and more relaxed.

      This simple quiet awareness
      can have a magical quality
      to it - and with practice,
      can be used as an effective
      'tool' for stress relief,
      focused attention, improved
      listening, enhanced creativity,
      improved inter-personal and
      relationship skills, practical
      goal achievement (like smoking
      cessation and weight loss) and
      even a better golf game.

      As an example: Imagine a golfer
      worried about their next shot
      over a water hazard. If their
      mind starts chattering they
      will tighten up, but if they
      allow the mind to go quiet,
      their muscle tension will
      relax and their natural
      ability will take over.

      So, for a little relaxing
      refreshment, try to imagine
      'thinking with nothing happening'
      (which is, of course, not
      thinking at all).

      One Love,

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