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Re: [Meditation Society of America] The Lone Poster/Deep and Deeper

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  • Sandeep
    /*Hi Jeff, Greetings */ ... /*You have gathered the words Jeff but have no clue. The term revelation is another fancy word for an experience. Knowing in
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 22, 2009
      Hi Jeff,


      Jeff Belyea wrote:

      At the risk of appearing
      a post hog, a couple of
      points in response to
      Sandeep and Dan -

      (No supporting cast of

      About contrast as the
      way to know:

      It's the way we learn
      and process with the
      linear, rational faculties,
      but with enlightened
      awakening,a "Knowing"
      without contrast is

      You have gathered the words Jeff but have no clue.

      The term "revelation" is another fancy word for an experience.

      Knowing in which no contrasts prevails......is not an experience.

      Why not?

      An experience is a durational event and exists only in contrast...... the time when the experience has not yet started
      in contrast to the time when it has ended.

      It makes no difference whether the duration of the experience is 60 secs or a 1000 years.

      And  whether the
      sense of qualification surrounding the experience  is that of "profoundity" or "profanity".

      The step
      into pure being is a
      step into the bliss
      of unconditional
      acceptance of every
      circumstance and event
      as 'perfect'.

      Well, it would appear that you have yet to step, eh Jeff?

      Whatever Dan was stating, whatever be the pointing of this prattling.....is hardly acceptable and ......far from  perfect.

      For Jeff.


      This is
      life lived by intuition,
      inspiration and revelation.



      Rather than rushing to a key board to punch out a defense Jeff.....observe the arising reaction at the grade given to your fine exposition.

      And that will indicate how much of life is being lived in intuition, inspiration and revelation.

      About the localized
      experience as illusory:

      Enlightenment and the
      joy it brings is not
      localized. The self is
      not the experiencer of
      enlightened awakening,


      No self.

      And yet you seem to have noted all sorts of descriptions for this non-experienced experience.

      the self dissolves into
      the One of absolute
      perfection of Self-

      Dear Jeff......for a dissolving to occur......an apriori existence is a must.

      Reference to this
      Self-Realization of Oneness
      necessarily uses the
      dualistic vehicle of
      language, and speaks
      in the dualistic context of
      relative reality,

      Which is why the very referencing ......forget what the content of the referencing may be....

      ......is akin one of the characters in your last night sleep dream......

       referencing...... no doubt profoundly and even using the language of the heart for the referencing ..

      .... the shape of your nose.

      Hiding behind the excuse that language is dualistic is an age old fig leaf, dear Jeff.

      Language which is sequenced sounds or sequenced pixels on a PC screen is never dualistic.

      There is fact nothing in phenomenality that is dualistic.

      but those
      who speak of enlightened
      awakening authentically
      speak in the language
      of the heart.

      Those who speak ....."OF".... enlightened awakening speak in the language of accumulations and gatherings.

      Accumulated bromides and gathered phrases.

      Knowing without contrasts............... does not have the space........ to allow the existence of an "of".


      The language of the heart
      is not comprehended by
      those who have not learned

      The language of the heart can never be learnt.

      When all learning gets casted aside.......the heart beating in resonance with the universal pulse is audible.

      Audible............ but not to an ear.

      And from that resonance springs forth creativity.

      and they hear the
      report as coming from
      ego and self-reference -
      in error.

      Meditation is the study
      hall for learning the
      language of the heart.

      As soon as thought creeps up as "Meditation is...X,Y,Z"....

      .....meditation is obscured.

      An emptying.

      And the emptying of the very emptying.

      DooooBeee Doooo .......Dooo Beeeee Doooooo

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