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Meditative Wisdom by a Master Knife Maker

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    Wayne Goddard is one of the most skilled knife makers in the world. Here he shares his view of the world. You see that he does cite God , and we rarely ever
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2009
      Wayne Goddard is one of the most skilled
      knife makers in the world. Here he shares
      his view of the world. You see that he does
      cite "God", and we rarely ever do that, but
      the attitude he points to is well in line
      with the concept of "Thy will be done", which
      I have found to be very liberating. Enjoy!
      How faith has affected my work, updated April 30, 2009.

      By Wayne Goddard

      Stress caused by the profession of knifemaking
      was nothing new. I had always felt it; it had
      been that way since I got ready for the first
      knife show we attended in 1972. It was twenty-three
      years later and I was getting knives ready for
      a show in New York City. I had a large folder
      in the works and was getting all worked up inside
      because it seemed it was taking me too long to get
      it done. It was early evening when it dawned on
      me that this wasn't the way it should be. There I
      was trying to live in a dependent relationship on
      God and all the time fretting over whether I would
      get my work doneĀ…..it was all being done in my own
      strength. I gathered the parts of the knife in my
      hands and prayed a prayer that went something like
      this. "Lord, calm my worried spirit, give me the
      strength to just do the work and trust You with the
      results. I trust You with my eternal life, teach me
      to trust You with the results of my labor." A calm
      feeling came over me, tense muscles relaxed; I finished
      the knife and the rest of my inventory for the show
      with little stress. When the show was over we had the
      highest sales of any show ever. All I could do was say,
      "Thank you Lord."

      That experience was eighteen years ago and from
      that time on I gained a new freedom in my work. No longer
      did I worry about whether something would sell or not.
      I'd make the knives that came from my heart, going
      forward in faith, just doing the work and trusting God
      with the results. I am able to do my best work with little
      strain and God receives the praise and thanks for the
      results. What a liberating thing it is!
      The book "Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife Shop" is available
      everywhere you usually buy books and is considered one
      of the best "how-to" books on knife making for anyone
      just starting out in this craft.
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